Clean Missouri Stays Winning?!?!

Progress on the court battle, here's the latest on this "ethics" (lulz) fight that isn't yet decided . . . Read more:

Appeals court rules against Republican bid to overturn 'Clean Missouri' redistricting plan

JEFFERSON CITY - A Republican-led effort to alter the state's map-making system for legislative districts is "likely" headed to the Missouri Supreme Court after an appeals court said a question on the Nov. 3 ballot was flawed.


  1. Clean Missouri is all about the democrats making sure they win through redistricting. I'll bet people didn't know who's idea this was. It was brought on by George Soros. I guess that's good for the democrats right?

  2. Republicans know that they can't hang on to Missouri if redistricting breaks the stranglehold that the "Project Redmap" gerrymandering set up, giving 42% of the State's population control over 67% of the State's elective offices.

    Redistricting toward equal weight for all votes ruins the GOP in Missouri.

  3. Google "Project Redmap" to see how the funding by the Koch Foundation created the GOP's grip on Midwestern States.

    Trump supporters use "Soros" as a strawman to divert attention from the Koch's influence and massive funding. The Koch Family struggles to keep the extent of their wealth hidden - no question that they are the wealthiest two men in America, and probably among the ten wealthiest in the World.

  4. ^^^Nope, Soros funds went through a couple organizations to obfuscate their source, but ended up in the coffers of "Clean Missouri." It's a matter of public record. Look it up.

    Still after the Kochs? You are half a dozen bogeymen behind the curve. Tell the DNC to send you a fresh list of Alinsky targets.

  5. Bullfeathers @11:04! The Kochs are still the guiding force of the far Right, and their Cato Institute is still the point of origin for the Conspiracy Mythologies being used by the GOP to divide and destroy this Country!

  6. The Kochs and the Cato Institute are not conservatives, they are Libertarians. A long, long way from the "far Right."

    Unlike Soros, who exemplifies the "far Left."

  7. "Librarians" is just a made-up title for Republicans who occasionally launder their sheets after rallies.


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