Sunday, September 06, 2020

Clean Missouri Double Take Hopes Prez Trump Supporters Cancel Ethics Reform

We're starting to see more debate regarding this controversial effort as a widely supported redistricting plan has been gutted by Missouri's GOP dominated state legislature AND NOW seeks voter consent to make it almost completely worthless . . . The hope here seems to be that better Republican turnout among Prez Trump supporters will push back the progressive political gambit.

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Ballot language set for Clean Missouri do-over. Here's what you'll see Nov. 3

A state appeals court finalized language for one of the most controversial items on the ballot this fall after a months-long legal fight. At issue was a Republican-sponsored proposal that asks voters to reverse key parts of a redistricting overhaul voters themselves approved in 2018.


Anonymous said...

Desperation reigns in Republican Missouri - any redistricting at all will put their Party out of power. They've lost the elderly, the farmers, the badly damaged working class and the young people, and never had a chance with any of the minorities. The only weapons they have to fight off oblivion is gerrymandering and trying to foment fear. They sold their soul and are now chained to the rails of a sinking ship.

Anonymous said...

^ 5:08 pm - further info

Anonymous said...

If the Star is against it then it has to be good!