Thursday, September 17, 2020

Clay County Vs. KCMO Over Annex

More deets on this construction debate and continued Northland politically charged slapfight . . . Read more:

Clay County threatens legal action against Kansas City, Missouri over new county annex building

A new legal battle between Clay County and Kansas City, Missouri, is brewing over construction of a controversial $20 million county annex building at MO-152 Highway and North Brighton Avenue.Several backhoes and earthmovers have already performed grading work on the nearly 7-acre site.


Anonymous said...

Why is Joe Biden so sleepy? Because he is tired of Trump and his lies!

Fuck you, MAGATs. Biden/Harris 2020!

Anonymous said...

The Libtards have everyone so scared of the Chinese flu, they have fucked themselves with their national strategy of keeping businesses shut and presenting inaccurate info on China Flu. Now their voters are afraid to vote in person, and they will try to vote by mail. Many of the ballots will be seen for what they are, fake, and they will have screwed themselves out of office. Smart bunch, these.

Anonymous said...

Yeah? So? Stop the construction. If the contractors don't like it, they can take Clay County to court. Since two of the three leaders of Clay County are leaving, it's better to wait to see how they and their constituents feel about the annex. Maybe it doesn't have to cost 20 million. Murphy buildings are cheap.

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Anonymous said...

Fleener should ask Nolte where the fake audit is.

Then the pair of them should ask Galloway why she is sitting on the audit.

Only possible reason is that revealing audit will hurt her election for governor.

A pulitzer may await Fleener's big reveal, or not.

Anonymous said...

To Luanne @12:11, get some sleep, Hon, you still have a lot of packing to do before you leave Missouri for good.

And to @10:13, you're absolutely right, the Annex doesn't have to cost $20 million, in fact, it doesn't have to cost ANYTHING!
Clay County already has an Annex, and it is not located four miles from the County Court Building in Liberty, it's located several miles to the west, much closer to where the center of the County's population lives.