Saturday, September 19, 2020

Bonner Po-Po Myth-Bust Social Media Rage

For those who missed it, here's a worthwhile peek at local, social justice keyboard warrior "advocacy" against police that turned out to be a hoax . . . Checkit:

Bonner Springs police determine video on social media was fabricated

BONNER SPRINGS, KS (KCTV) -- Following an internal investigation, the Bonner Springs Police Department says they have determined a video that caused some uproar on social media was fabricated. On Sept. 11 of this year, a video was posted on an unidentified social media platform in which a Black male alleged that he had been pulled over by a Bonner Springs officer.


Anonymous said...

Why would we think it was true? We wouldn’t, those people will do anything to create a race war and further divide a city.... or cities. Hint hint, kcmo.

Mayor mckneely probably paid his butt buddies from blm and antifa to stir up some shit, he’s known for doing that.

Damn All Marxists said...

Why not show us the video so we can judge for ourselves?

Anonymous said...

Because the media will make up your mind for you.

Anonymous said...

Jessie Smollet is a talented actor and I for one am tired of people smearing him.

Anonymous said...

The PD said thanks to those who jumped to condeming them???

Should have called them out for the hysterical reactionary bitches that they are! Every response seems to be either a knee or similar verbal apology for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

When are they going to prosecute these liars that stir this shit? Fergusons Mike Browns buddy comes to mind.
Hands up, don't shoot and have a nice loot.