Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Arrowhead Cleared For Kansas City Voting

A historic move for local democracy is in the works, checkit:

Arrowhead Stadium cleared to be used as voting location in November election

The Kansas City Board of Election Commissioners confirmed on its website that Arrowhead Stadium has been cleared to be used as a centralized voting location for Kansas City voters in Jackson County.According to a document from the commissioners' website, the polling would take place on the north side of the Founder's Plaza at Arrowhead.


Anonymous said...

And charge the fuckers $20 to park.
Go Lamar Hunt.

Anonymous said...

Really a central location and with only a minimum of public transportation.
Just another show of copying an idea from another town.
And a desperate attempt by the Chiefs at being socially "relevant".
With Mahomes and the boys be working the polls?

Anonymous said...

Finally the Clarks and the Chiefs found a way to eliminate all of the SJW/BLM signage in the stadium. Can't have political promotions or electioneering at a polling place, right?