Friday, August 28, 2020

Will Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Become Social Justice Leader Amid 2020 Election Year Civil Unrest?!?!

There are 500 MILLION reasons why Patrick Mahomes should focus on football instead of activism . . . Yet the world of celebrity can get complicated as media image plays into his "mystique" and helps earn accolades and celebration among the increasingly politicized world of pro sports.

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Mahomes says Chiefs trying to set example, show respect in wake of Jacob Blake shooting

As players and teams announce boycotts, postponements and cancellations while players come to grip with another police shooting, Patrick Mahomes says the Kansas City Chiefs are having hard conversations.The Chiefs quarterback and tight end Travis Kelce said in an interview with SiriusXM on Thursday that it's important they use their voices to speak on community issues.


Anonymous said...

Seems like he's doing fine so far, weird.

DAVOS said...

It's all about next season not last season. Sorry, libs.

Anonymous said...

Almost a much as losing proposition as the Dems allowing themselves to be identified with the increasingly violent and irresponsible behavior of the BLM crowd.
The public's support is going south big-time.

Springheel said...

A HUGE distraction ! Hard to envision love and glory of fans when the only people cheering you actually hate you cuz your half white and the other half are deeply mixed because you enabled the thugs that killed/raped their cuz/sister/best friends mother/brother. When you jump on board with an agenda that promotes falsehood, you will find yourself indecisive and confused through every facet of life. Very, very bad, especially in a profession that requires the utmost in leadership. I believe he was young and stupid, but was put between a rock and a hard place. Had he gone against the current system, his career may have been jeopardized by teammates, the NFL, and opponents, but he would have remained a hero to the good guys. And if you don't chicken out, the good guys actually have the advantage. So, he made a bad play, cuz it seemed the %s supported it, which is an Alex Smith play all the way.

Anonymous said...

Quite strange even

Anonymous said...

Mahomes white mother beat him every day as a kid so he hates white people.

The worst was when she would place her knee on his neck for not eating all of his carrots to the point he couldn't breath.

Mahomes has been treated like a King by every white person he has been in contact with during his lifetime but he now advocates the BLM racist narrative.

Mahomes would be the first one to call the police if the BLM and ANTIFA folks showed up at his house and threatened he and his family.

He's a hypocrite and lost all respect for him. He showed his true behavior at the Chiefs Super Bowl parade and we are seeing more and more of the true Patrick Mahomes versus the wholesome image the Chiefs and NFL trying to present.

Anonymous said...

OMG disgusting

Anonymous said...

Patrick Mahomes is a coward and a drunk. He stands with the BLM terrorists but yet he won't live in his own black community or screw women of his own kind.

Anonymous said...

He'll be fine if he fights for racial injustice without kneeling for the flag or siding with the radical Marxist group BLM. BLM doesn't believe in private property, so his mansion and Ferrari will become public property under their rules. Here's a list of BLM's outrageous beliefs:

- Wants to overturn U.S. capitalism

- Want to do away with all private property

- Wants to destroy the traditional nuclear family structure of having a mother and father

- Wants to defund police, ICE and get rid of all jails, detention centers, youth facilities and prisons

- Wants to allow prisoners, illegal immigrants and felons to vote

- Wants to legalize prostitution and the possession and sale of all drugs, no matter the quantity

- Wants to end any arrests of black students

- Wants reparations for past and continuing harms to blacks and a redistribution of all wealth

- Wants all blacks to receive a guaranteed minimum income

- Wants all blacks to receive free healthcare, schooling, food, real estate, gender reassignment surgery and abortions

- Wants to change public schools into delivery points of multicultural studies and welfare programs

Anonymous said...

He can tell his brothers not to be stupid when being arrested for sexual assault on a child by going to the car for a knife to stab the police pursuing them.

Jim said...

Jacob Blake, the Man wanted for third degree sexual assault. No wonder the Chiefs are taking up his cause.

Anonymous said...

Until they can separate politics from sports defund professional sports

Anonymous said...

The NFL is going to shit the bed and fall back in it just like the NBA and MLB. F__k 'em we have better things to do than be preached at by entertainers.

Anonymous said...

10:16 ouch!

It’s also true.

Anonymous said...

Mahomie claiming leadership for BLM .. speaking up for black people...

yet he's been shacking up with a blonde White woman for the past six years..
hmmmm..I mean..I don't blame him .she's hot...but a little hypocritical

Anonymous said...


After his career-ending injury (stepped in his own bullshit) Mahomes was mostly known as the burger franchisee who went bankrupt because Black Angus Lives Matter!!!

Anonymous said...

Jacob Blake, the man wanted for third-degree sexual assault, criminal trespassing, resisting arrest and reaching for a knife on the floorboard of his vehicle right be he's shot. Totally different than the George Floyd case.

Anonymous said...

Floyd and Blake were felons, wife beaters, dead beat dads, and drugheads.

Floyd held a shotgun to the belly of a pregnant woman during a home invasion. Both felons were resisting arrest in a violent manner.

The three arsonists shot in Kenosha were felons; one a pedophile.

All of the above are Marxist Democrats and canonized by the Democrat Party.

Democrat Party is full of Communist anarchists and felons that want to harm law abiding Americans.

Joe Biden, Pelosi, Schiff, Obamas have lost control of these animals who will be unleashed upon American society if the Communist Democrat Party takes full power.

There will be no police protection if Democrats take power. President Trump has sent in Federal agents to do the jobs that Democrat Mayors s/b doing to protect their citizens.

Vote Trump 2020

Anonymous said...

Gohomes needs to shut up and keep a low profile. Let actions on the field be his voice. He isn't on of the oppressed or marginalized. The Chiefs ticket holders are. We don't need his comments, he is a half billionaire.

Anonymous said...

Mahomes isn’t smart enough to be a social
justice representative. He’s way out of his league. He doesn’t bother researching facts. For his sake, he needs to stay with football and shut up the test of the time.

Anonymous said...

Go Donald!!!!

Anonymous said...

I loved reading these comments.
Very entertaining.
You guys are nuts