Update on Heartland college life wherein middle-class life is ruined by the worsening rate of infection.

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Latest COVID-19 outbreaks in Riley County linked to K-State sororities

Riley County health officials are reporting four new outbreaks associated with sororities at K-State.The sororities were identified as: Alpha Delta Pi (6), Alpha Xi Delta (6), Chi Omega (5) and Kappa Delta (5).All residents of those Greek houses have been asked to quarantine for 14 days.


Anonymous said…
same as every college open.

hard to tell where things go.

they might well have gotten corona if staying home.
Anonymous said…
It’s because sor whores get fucked 4 or 5 times everyday.
I banged out some Classy Cats I think they were called back in the glow stick days .. They have much worse than Covid..
Anonymous said…
Can't spend the night together without maintaining 6 feet social distancing ? The difference between college sex and a college couple marriage post 4 years.
Anonymous said…
Kansas State is notorious for mass drunkeness and throwing up. Just try to imagine what kinds of diseases those sorority sluts have. Corona ain't nuthin compared to that.