Saturday, August 15, 2020

White House Dr. Birx Visits KU Med To Encourage Continued Kansas City Coronavirus Crackdown And Precautions

Kansas has become a virus hotspot and there's an ongoing and pointless debate about masks that has turned into a partisan issue . . . Today, the White House doc hoped to provide reassurance.

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Deborah Birx to Kansas City: ‘Don’t be cavalier about getting this virus’

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White House Talks Spike In Coronavirus Numbers

Dr. Birx visits KU Med, shares concern over rising COVID-19 cases

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - The Kansas City metro stands at a crossroads of sorts. That's the viewpoint of Dr. Deborah Brix, the Trump administration's coronavirus response coordinator. Dr. Brix visited the University of Kansas Medical Center on Saturday afternoon as part of a Midwestern tour to observe areas affected by large numbers of positive coronavirus [...]

Doc Talks Turning Point

White House Task Force Says 'Now Is The Moment' For Kansas To Stop COVID-19 Spread

White House coronavirus task force coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx says Kansas is at a turning point to get the state's positivity rate under control. Birx traveled to the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City, Kansas, as a part of a multi-state tour to talk with governors and health officials about local efforts to combat COVID-19.

White House Support Of Local COVID Crackdown

Dr. Deborah Birx talks COVID-19 response with KS governor, health officials

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Dr. Deborah Birx spoke with Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly and participated in a roundtable discussion with state health officials Saturday afternoon in Kansas City, Kansas. The White House coronavirus response coordinator and world-renowned global health official and physician came to the metro to learn about local efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

School Comeback Talk

Dr. Birx stops in KCK, discusses schools and football

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- A member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force was in the Kansas City metro today to discuss both Kansas and Missouri's COVID-19 status. At the University of Kansas Medical Center, Dr. Deborah Birx touched on a number of topics with regard to COVID-19 in our area.

Mask Debate Question: Do You Know Better Than Dr. Birx???

Trump's top coronavirus adviser during trip to KCK: Wear masks, social distance

President Donald Trump's top coronavirus adviser used a visit to Kansas to urge people to wear masks regardless of where they live. Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinator of the White House coronavirus task force, said Saturday, that the epidemic is both urban and rural. She was in Kansas City, Kansas, for a meeting with Kansas Gov.

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Anonymous said...

The bars in Westport will be packed tonight until 2:30am. The mayor is allowing things to get worse by not closing them down. After hours, the streets of Westport will be lined will people hanging out. Do something mayor you’re causing this disease to spread unnecessarily.

Reporter from the safari times.. said...

Who cares it's 8:15 and there's a huge fight at Main Event in Independence several units on scene. Situation was pushed outside where fights began on the north side of the building only to be dispersed by the police. Inside it's situation continues on as normal. As long as you have a mask lulz...

Anonymous said...

834 is right.

no chance of halting corona with that going on.

Anonymous said...

MASKS could save lives, as part of an overall approach.

Anonymous said...

stud types with sleeveless t-shirts seem to be 100% without masks.

Anonymous said...

You cannot stop a virus from spreading once it is out in the population. She wants to do something that has never been done and can never be done. If that is what she is proposing scarf lady is lying and she knows it.

Anonymous said...

It's never been a secret that the Covid cannot be stopped. Ever. Vaccine or no. They are acting like this is something they can control and its not true. They told the nation a lot of false claims and deliberately scared hell out of people. They were wrong about the fatality rate and other significant things. They discredited themselves. Live your life. Go about your business. See your family. .26% of you will die. The vast number of you will have very mild to no symptoms. Stop the bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Ebola much?

Anonymous said...

Get out, get some sun, have good time and leave the face diaper at home.

Fake politicized fake plague. Old ppl die of the flu, common cold and every other sickness out there.

No need to destroy the economy to try to get Biden elected.

Anonymous said...

"Get out, get some sun, have good time and leave the face diaper at home."

...and that's how we REALLY get the virus under control, let enough of the idiots kill themselves that the common sense steps that the remainder of us take can do some good.

Anonymous said...

1006 brainwashed idiot.

OMG yes, look at the millions dying.

Less than 100 deaths in kcmo out of nearly 600,000.

Average age of death is over 80 with other comorbidities.

Younger and healthy p have nothing to worry about.

Old, feeble minded, and sick should quarantine and be careful.

Janus said...

I don't have a problem with masks for indoors. What I wish is that health officials would provide better advice.

It's not just about masks but about being a healthy person altogether.

Get enough sleep, eat right. Try to reduce portion size and slowly lose weight if that's a problem. But the American public a myriad of health issues that make it more susceptible coronavirus. Maybe we need to start talking about that.

Anonymous said...

^^Stop the fat shaming.
It is my right to be as fat as fuck and to have the health system take care of me and cure me when I get sick.
So there!

Anonymous said...

There does not need to be any finger pointing or lengthy explanations accompanied with tons of supporting data. Pardon the pun but it has become a waste of breath to continue to spar with low IQ.

Don't have to call you out, you dumb fucks know who you are as will be evident from your replies.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


That's all the realists (low IQ to you) want. Just stfu already and let people live their lives. You assholes just can't help yourselves though.

Anonymous said...

Is Dr. Birx ever on record as saying the masks are worthless and unnecesary like Dr. Fauci?

The Ayatollah said...

In KC you need to wear: a mask, a helmet, a seatbelt, a condom and a bulletproof vest to leave your house in a safe manner.

Oh and sunscreen !