Warning: Neglected Kansas City Infrastructure Endangers Pedestrians

A scary look at another danger on local streets . . . Residents might fall down the bottomless pit of disrepair present on local streets. Take a look:

'I thought I was gone': Woman steps off bus into city meter hole

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Carla Stewart boarded a Kansas City, Missouri, MAX bus to grab lunch last month but ended up in the hospital due to an uncovered city meter hole. It was a craving that sent Stewart to the bus heading south on Prospect Avenue.


  1. Fear not Carla! Q ball will furlough more workers and put that on the list of shit that needs fixed and leave it for somebody else!

  2. Mammy be wantin' greens, macaroni and fish.
    Now Mammy be gittin' a $100,000 check from da' city.

    Not a bad trade.

  3. I said crap like this was going to happen and it was poo pooed.

    Nah, I wasn't onto anything there. Just was talking out of my ass. Enjoy the ride folks! It's only beginning! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

    As a consolation prize you can ride the toy choo choo for free. It's a really neat toy choo choo!

  4. Notice the "Urban Utes" RUSHING to help the woman!
    Ah, the nobility of the Princes and Princesses of Africa!
    She's damn lucky one of them didn't grab her purse and run off.

  5. And yet there’s nothing really dangerous in KC. Weird.

  6. ^^ Tell that to Erin Langhofer's parents.

  7. And yestare getting new big federal dollars for the toy train.

  8. The sky is falling. The sky is falling.

  9. KCMO Legal Dept8/27/20, 11:35 PM

    Sorry to inform you but we have to paint some black murals on streets and don't have money to pay for you falling in an open hole is our sidewalk.


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