Saturday, August 08, 2020


Coronavirus pushes the nation toward worsening economic peril and what's interesting is the the differences betwixt conservatives vs. progressives on topics of economic policy are quickly disappearing.

Translation . . .


Don't put a great deal of stock into keyboard warrior fiscal conservatives because they'll cash their "Trump-Check" in the same line as hobos and basement dwelling bloggers even if it eventually means that the money being doled out isn't worth the paper it's printed on . . .

Accordingly, here's a peek at the latest developments to consider overnight:

CNN: Trump signs executive actions after stimulus talks break down on Capitol Hill

Fox: Trump orders $400-per-week unemployment payments amid COVID crisis, hits Dems for stonewalling

CNET: Trump's executive stimulus orders: When they start, are they legal, what you should know

Axios: Republicans and Democrats react to Trump's coronavirus aid action

CNBC: Investors are dismissing the risk of an inflation spike. Morgan Stanley says that could be a mistake

PI: Why economics needs new theories about stimulus and inflation

The Street: Fed - Time To Let Inflation Run Hot

And all of this inspires our playlist on the topic of unsustainable endeavors . . .

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Anonymous said...

You can't expect people to be economists when the unemployment rate is still so high.

Anonymous said...



but me thinks the president just stabbed his own party in the back tonight.

Anonymous said...

Trump just trumped the stupid Democrats who tried to push too much worthless socialist pork into their bill. Overreach by Pelosi, Schumer and the other numbskulls on the left. The political party of lawlessness, violence, open borders, weak military, higher taxes, defunding the police, terrible negotiating skills with other countries, warped socialist policies, and abortions sometimes even after the baby is born just got throttled by a New York businessman.

Anonymous said...

In their bill, the Dems had letting illegals vote and giving them a bunch of money at taxpayer expense. It's no wonder the rest of the world wants to come here ... the Dems want to give them everything they can imagine on our dime. A good reason for this Independent voter to go with Trump this time around.

Anonymous said...

The economy is ruined for decades to come. We dont know that yet. Had the Federal Reserve not printed up new money and bought everything banks offer them for the bank's garage sales - the USA would be like Nigeria right now - broke and frozen in time with no real businesses.

The Fed can't print $$ forever of we will have run away inflation - then we all lose our life savings anyway as the dollar becomes worthless. Buy some gold, Swiss francs, silver or just real objects that will hold value. NOT REAL ESTATE!

Anonymous said...

We tolerated the Catholic Church for decades, we all knew they raped kids - all this trouble is our punishment from the almighty who hates evil done to children. My opinion.

The Bitter Truth said...

Trump did what the House was refusing to do. Look we have to get people back to work and sitting at home making more than when working isn't going to get people back on the job. The house dragged their feet going into this recess on purpose when they should have been forced to stay and work the issue out.

Anonymous said...

"In their bill, the Dems had letting illegals vote and giving them a bunch of money at taxpayer expense"

And yet you're full of shit. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Trump gave you NO "Stimulus Relief" at all!
He did however, give the extremely Wealthy, like himself, quite a nice boost in their "earnings".

He also claimed yesterday that his actions had given jobs to "the greatest number of minority workers ever", while the Department of Labor statistics show no change whatever in ANY levels of employment. Remember that the Fox-touted "new job creation" numbers really only reflect people going back to the jobs they had before the pandemic closures, and that the Business failures you see everywhere actually show that America is LOSING JOBS DAILY!

Trump supporters are often described as "living in a Wold of denial", and tht is reflected here daily.

Anonymous said...

But yet the democrats politicians didn't want anyone to have more money so they went against Trump and the commies that vote democrat will slam Trump for trying to help them.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Dumbass, the Democrats passed a bill last May that would have put another $1,200 in your pocket, but the Republicans n the Senate have been holding it up ever since then.

Just another voice from TrumpWorld, lying as always.

Anonymous said...

This likely cost Democrats and Biden the election.
The American people will be glad for the money.
It won’t be $400 for most it will be $300 as their states will balk.

OR Congress will put out a package early next week and Trump will invalidate his order.

Either way people will be forced to go back to work.

Many businesses are already seeing applicants they’ve never seen before are people aren’t getting the bonus $600.
Crazy how it all works out.

Once again- Nancy and her ilk got outsmarted and Trump wins. Watch the stock market take off the next 2 weeks. And here is a bonus for all the Robinhooders reading this: New China deals will get done the next few weeks- watch Dems dreams go spinning down the drain as the world stock markets explode- leading to jobs and prosperity... a bit unlike their hateful protests.

Whites killed the BLM movements and politicized it to death by joining it without need and resentment is deep. Jobs will bring equity as will education. Violent anarchy is the result of poor Democratic leadership... they got scared and let their cities burn.

Election won’t be a surprise this time. Trump and jobs and overcoming the bad media is the story. Candace Owens is right when she makes fun of Democrats and the media. Read her. She is the strongest black woman ever!

Anonymous said...

Fake News.

Anonymous said...

@7:29 if Jobs are an issue it won't fare well for Trump.
The "new jobs" being touted are simply the same old jobs as before the Shutdown in the businesses that still exist.
But the overall number of available jobs has declined severely due to the Huuuge number of business closures and failures brought on by he Pandemic.

Unbiased Economists estimate that the USA has lost well over 25% of the jobs that existed before this badly managed crisis occurred.

Anonymous said...

You are delusional.

Anonymous said...

Trump has done more for the working men and women than any legislator on capitol hill.

While the Democrats and Republicans bicker in Congress; Trump says screw the political b.s. and let's get financial aid in the hands of the unemployed with his Presidential Executive order..

This is why several hundred million Americans support Trump as President.

TRUMP 2020

Anonymous said...

Working class Americans.

Note how CNN does NOT have your best interests in mind.

CNN is calling the unemployment financial aid to American citizens enacted by President Trump's Executive Order to be illegal.

CNN and the Democrats want YOU to suffer.

The whole end-game for CNN and the Democrats is to gain power; they could care less about everyday Americans. A bunch of Martha Vinyards elitists.

Anonymous said...

^^^and yet doesn’t have the power to sign those executive orders. Congress controls the purse strings. Weird.

Anonymous said...

But isn't he "restoring jobs"?
So the unemployed won't be, right?
So this extension of the "unemployment bonus" becomes nothing but another meaningless re-Election stunt and yet another lie, right?

Anonymous said...

One or more of the Executive Orders is likely unconstitutional. But so was Obama's Executive Order establishing DACA rules, and it's still around. The Constitution hardly seems to matter any more.

Anonymous said...

Weird Guy hates it when President Trump provides financial relief to unemployed Americans while his beloved Democrat Party plays politics and fails once again.

How is your basement butt-mate Joe Biden doing Weird Guy?

You still playing with Sleepy Joe's joystick while you two play on Joe's Atari game?

Anonymous said...

Only the Communist Democrats and Weird Guy are against providing financial relief to unemployed Americans as the result of the Chinese Wuhan virus.

Democrat Party and Joe Biden once again prove they do NOT have the best interests of Americans in mind.

Biden and the Commie Democrats want to re-open their corrupt trade relations with China which is destroying American's jobs.

Nike, the sponsor of the NFL and NBA. is owned by a Democrat elitist who has off-shored Nike's jobs to China, India and other third world countries paying slave wages in unsafe factories.

Anonymous said...

"Either way people will be forced to go back to work."

It's always interesting to get the views of those whose sense of reality has become untethered. There aren't jobs to go back to.

Anonymous said...

"This is why several hundred million Americans support Trump as President."

And yet there are only 250 million voters in the US, of whom about 63 million voted for the orange buffoon in 2016, so you're just another Trumpster living on fake news. Weird but typical, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

Thank you President Trump.

Now when Biden takes over in January 2021, he can issues new unemployment benefits, along with food stamps via executive order. While he's at it, he can rescind the Trump Wall Street tax cuts without Congress and lift the cap on payroll taxes so wealthier earners pay their fair share. In fact, all the spending priorities that Mitch and the Senate has blocked can now be ignored with the stroke of Biden's pen with new executive orders.

Again, thank you President Trump for showing us how government works going forward in this new U.S. system.

Anonymous said...

Defunding the Social Security is the third rail of American politics.

Retirees need their checks every month. Eliminating that means the GOP loses millions of votes.

Anonymous said...

But... but...maybe it will get Trump on Mt. Rushmore!

Anonymous said...

There you go again 10:43 showing your ignorance.

There are 330 million Americans and probably another 20 million illegal immigrants.

Grow the fuck up and pay attention in school.

TRUMP 2020 because he cares about working Americans and Law & Order.

Anonymous said...

And yet a good many of those 330 million do not support Trump, many are under the age of 18, and the undocumented do not vote, so it's simply not possible that "several hundred million" support Trump unless your definition of "several" is just another alternate fact.

Math is such a challenging subject, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

^^^ Just be glad that welfare hasn't been cutoff to you because in the end that’s all you’re worried about. The despicable dimwits buy your vote with keeping you living in the slums while trumps tax cuts help hard working Americans earn more money and live a better life something that is completely unattainable in dimwit land!

They control you so do as they say or you’ll have to find a job! Hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

4:37 apparently you are upset that so many millions of people love and support President Trump that you will argue over such stupid trivial things.

Anonymous said...

5:19: I'm doing just fine, thanks.

5:23: So accuracy is not your strong suit. Deal with it.

Anonymous said...

Trump should dismiss Congress and be done with it.

He doesn't even need them to fund his priorities and handing out benefits now. So what's the point of keeping them around?

Can't wait until Biden does a budget and tax policy by executive order next year.

Anonymous said...

Nearly four years in office, and Trump still has no idea how the presidency works.

A PR stunt photo op to sign fake actions that do nothing is pissing off voters across the board.