Sunday, August 23, 2020

The Course Of The American Economy Will Be Determined In Kansas City This Week

The conversation at the local Fed is more important than any political chatter we've heard in the past month. Here's an easy to digest preview to consider for those worried about the value of their paper money.

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Bond Traders Clamoring for Answers Bet the Fed Isn't Done Yet

(Bloomberg) -- The world's biggest bond market enters a potentially pivotal week with Treasuries regaining momentum as investors brace for signals from the Federal Reserve on its next crucial policy move. Ten-year Treasury yields are coming off their biggest weekly drop since early June. Traders are betting


Anonymous said...

Its obvious interest rates must go to zero or below to motivate the economy. Plus it lowers our interest on National debt. It might bankrupt pension funds. And the dollar shall rise up to the 110 level on the index. Stocks will crash hard as that game is wearing thin. I am going to all cash.

Anonymous said...

About the poorest way to retain the value of your money.