Friday, August 28, 2020

Testimony Before 'Kansas City Administrative Tribunal' Sounds Ominous But Could Save Broke-Ass Locals Some Cash

More deets on cowtown criminal justice reform . . . Checkit:

Kansas City passes new ordinance taking jail time out of parking tickets

by: Travis Meier Posted: / Updated: KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Mayor Quinton Lucas announced on August 27 that a new ordinance will establish a different way to process non-moving violations and remove jail time as a punishment for these minor infractions.


Anonymous said...

So where is the disincentive to not pay the fine? No jail time, just get referred to collections eventually, but you think that is anything new for the typical non-fine paying deadbeat? Why even write the tickets in the first place now? Oh ya, big gov't, gotta keep thems employees employed.

Anonymous said...

Democrats have been undermining the rule of law for a while. Rather than reform municipal warrant a, they just got rid of them for a huge slew of crimes.

"docket that day were 368 cases. In the audience were — count 'em — seven defendants.
Helm had predicted the paltry turnout even before he walked into court that morning. No-shows dominate life in municipal courts these days. New state laws, enacted as a result of the Ferguson uprising, stipulate that Helm can't fine a defendant for missing court for minor traffic violations such as driving without a license. He can't get them tossed in jail. And he can't suspend their licenses.
So the word is out: There's no reason to show up for court. And drivers who lack licenses or insurance continue to roam the streets."

If Democrats could do math, they'd know how successful they were at keeping dangerous drivers on the road.

Anonymous said...

sounds perfectly reasonable.

Anonymous said...

Have fun with even higher auto insurance premiums! Just don't get caught outside the city riding expired.

You'll see a judge in some surrounding counties.

Anonymous said...


At a time when KCMO is facing a busted budget and furloughing employees, Lucas and the Council make a pandering move to ensure that parking ticket collections drop precipitously.

Retro ROCKER said...

They will make it up on Speeding tickets,I see them all the Time. On 350 Highway catching speeders going East that Lives in Lee's Summit .They set in Knobtown.