Sunday Peace Rally Tradition Amid Rising Kansas City Homicide Spike

Hopefully, this August community outreach even inspired some locals to reject the violence that dominates local streets. Checkit:

Community event aims to reduce gun violence in Kansas City

Families gathered around the stage at Concourse Park in Kansas City, Missouri Sunday afternoon for music, dancing and messages of unity. Handed the microphone, Juyle Standifer sang her plea for peace."Put the guns down. Put the guns down.


  1. Are we just worried about Gun violence ? Or all violence and about the majority percentage of one subgroup of people that commits it . Seems we keep making excuses for the same people and instead we need to address the real actors and their Criminal behavior. Last murder was a slashing, that will be the most common method after guns are abolished . IT's rather violent if you haven't eve been attacked or seen one .

  2. ^^No. We are worried about gun violence.

  3. There is no need at all to end Gun Violence in Kansas City!
    Nor is there a need to end Knife Violence!
    Or Baseball Bat Violence, or Brick Violence!
    Or even Chainsaw Violence!

    What there is a need to end is CONDONED VIOLENCE!

    There is a need for the Minority Community to stop protecting these perpetrators of violence, to stop automatically reacting to hostility every time Law enforcement confronts these Perpetrators, and to stop glorifying the "Gangsta" Culture that creates these perpetrators!

    Until the Minority Community from which these animals arise abandons and rejects the attitudes that enable them and their actions, that Community is condemning itself to the state of "victimhood" that they decry so loudly.


  4. Democrats profit from the Combat Tax fund abuse. Reducing the rate of violence will make Democrats poorer.

    Look up who took it over after the felon who was running it got caught and his acolyte did the same abuse.

    It's Peters Baker.

  5. But Trump said he alone could end this carnage. He alone. Nobody else, it's all his fault. He hasn't done ANYTHINg!!!!

  6. These things are a joke. Old fat black ladies, hugely fat black Pastors, a handful of liberal whites and its all a dog and pony show so they can be seen on TV5 on the 5 O'clock news. They never actually accomplish anything. News filler.

  7. ^^as opposed to you?? An old, fat, geriatric, white CHUD who does nothing but cry on a blog all day? Take a good look at yourself first. Pathetic Boomer.


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