Thursday, August 06, 2020

Show-Me Progressive Victory Lap

We always hear how Messenger is the greatest columnist in the Midwest but this missive sounds exactly like most of the hype we hear when whenever there's an upset victory and it's mostly racially charged cheerleading from a white guy . . . Something that most people find justifiably grating. Read more;

Messenger: It's a new day in Missouri politics. Black Women Matter.

Cori Bush took down a political dynasty on her 2nd try. She ended a 50 year stronghold. Do you understand what that means? The entire Black poltical establishment came after Tishaura. And she put them in the ground. Do you understand what this means?


Anonymous said...

It doesn't mean much if she is just going to be another black woman screeching as loud as she can and being hateful. We the people are really getting fed up with that behavior.

Anonymous said...

This women is a radical racist commie that supports BLM and the burning down of Ferguson MO. She is supporting an underground communist terrorist group who wants to destroy the country. Do your research on BLM and who they are and where the money goes. Uneducated black people in St Louis are going to pay dearly for electing her. She's as bad maybe even worse than Kimberly Gardner. You black liberals are the dumbest people in the entire world. You don't even know who your enemies are. Really you black people are being played typical puppets and it's hysterical how stupid you are.

Anonymous said...

The upcoming spoils system will crush the taxpayer under the burden of all the handouts and govt enlargement..then what? Minorities are way too politically immature to vote crooks out of office - especially when the crooks keep promising all the goodies.

Anonymous said...

Bonobos in action.

Anonymous said...

Black women are killers, worse than the men...they abort close to 40 per cent of their pregnancies, slowing reducing the percentage to the Black Population.