Monday, August 03, 2020

Show-Me The Pitch For More Missouri Medicaid

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KC Voices: Missouri Medicaid expansion faces baseless opposition in tomorrow's election

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Anonymous said...

If you get sick...take an aspirin.

Either you get better or you die.

We don't even need a medical system.

The Atheist Darwin has taught us that the weak perish, and the strong survive.

Anonymous said...

Baseless? The issue is codified Medicaid benefits in state statutes that seem to be Amendment status which will require much more legislation to amend. There's no reason this needs to be an Amendment, and if the Star and the St. Louis paper are for it, then you know it is going to cost tax payers a bunch - $200 Million locally and $2B at the federal level. Everyone deserves health care, I get that, but there is no reason to incentivize unearned benefits. The poor will get care.