Wednesday, August 05, 2020

Show-Me How Status Quo Stays Winning

This post is mostly just filler but an opportunity for us to mention that local petitioner Clay Chastain actually earned 7,510 votes and 19% of the vote but lost to Ryan Derks who will be opposing Congressman Cleaver in a solidly Democratic District in much the same way the Reps Graves & Hartzler enjoy shoo-in victories in GOP dominated parts of Missouri.

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Reps. Cleaver, Graves, Hartzler cruise to primary victories

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Incumbent U.S. Reps. Emanuel Cleaver II, Sam Graves and Vicky Hartzler cruised to primary victories Tuesday across the Kansas City area. , a Democrat who became KCMO's first Black mayor in 1991, is seeking a ninth term. He was first elected to the post in 2004.


Weird guy said...

Cleaver puts the word, "swamp" in swamp. How he wins every year is beyond me. Oh, wait, if you don't vote for him, you ain't black. Weird.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet he's a winner and you're here. He wins, you lose everyday. You knew that though.

Anonymous said...

Graves may be a sleazeball, but at least he's not as embarrassing to the entire State of Missouri as Josh Hawley is.

Anonymous said...

Forget Cleaver. Harzler is the Queen of the Grift.

She has directed more pork and freebies into her families businesses than anyone this side of Trump.