Thursday, August 27, 2020

Show-Me Guns For Youngsters After Missouri Not-So-Special Session On Crime

What's important about this embarrassing bit of legislation is that it sparked a great deal of debate betwixt the GOP rural rank & file vs. The Guv up for reelection.

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Missouri gun bill to allow giving firearms to children without parent permission advances

A bill to reverse a Missouri state law that prohibits people from giving children firearms without their parents' permission advanced Monday. Gov. Mike Parsons sought to increase the penalty for the crime, which is currently a misdemeanor, but the GOP-dominated state House disagreed.


Anonymous said...

Now that is fucked up! Here kid, have a gun! Just don't tell mom and dad! Way to go Mizzuruh!

Anonymous said...

That seemed to work out real well in WI. That retard is why kids don't need guns.

Anonymous said...

Great idea!

We can have a state full of national treasures like Kyle Rittenhouse.

I feel safer already.

Bandit said...

Wisconsin is why they need guns. Two pieces of human debris were removed from the shallow end of the gene pool and a third got lucky by only being maimed. He will have to go by "Lefty" now and have a constant reminder of his abject stupidity for the rest of his life.

Anonymous said...

No, bandit, right wing nutjobs like you are why all we liberals need guns - after Trump goes down in flames three months down the road, a few of you will actually crawl up the stairs from Mommy's basement and try to become terrorists, they shall be known as minor footnotes in history.

Bandit said...

No, we need guns because of the bullshit policies you the Democrats push and you support. Why they and you always side with criminal (pick a scenario) or against Americans (pick a scenario) or against America (pick a scenario) is a mystery I could care less about solving. Not my problem. Stay the course and see what it gets you. You people have done nothing but show your asses for the last 5 months for everybody to see. It has not gone unnoticed. This isn't the 1960s. You really should get those hippie retreads under control. Then again, not my problem.

Anonymous said...

Bandit doesn't even know how a gun works.

Here's a hint. The side with the hole goes against your head.