Friday, August 07, 2020

Show-Me Crime Crackdown In Missouri

There's a great deal of important legal consequences to unpack in this bit of emergency legislation . . . Here's a start and a warning of harsh times ahead for youngsters:

A Missouri bill that would allow judges to try children as adults for certain crimes was advanced by senators Thursday.

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Missouri Senate OKs compromise crime bill

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - Missouri senators on Thursday advanced a bill to temporarily lift a requirement that St. Louis police live in that city and allow judges to try some children as adults for felony crimes. Republican Gov. Mike Parson called for those changes in response to a surge in murders in the state's cities.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

The black community has to want an end to all of this Gangster thug shit . Others have to give up purchasing illegal drugs. Until we have that, we will have high crime. True dat

Anonymous said...

'Ole smiley selfies Lucas asked Parson to hold a special session to address violence and homicides, but these results are sure NOT what he had in mind.
So the state is tightening laws while at the same time Lucas and the gang are giving certain parts of KCMO's population free passes to choose which laws they want to abide by.
Meanwhile, the feds are doing some good work cleaning up the streets in "the community" and the usual suspects like Gwen Grant have gone underground.
You'd have the guess the vast majority of both KCMO's and the state's population are with the feds and the governor.
How's the defacing of public streets with BLM markings coming?

Anonymous said...

Hoodlums in training know very well what's in store for them if they get caught robbing, stealing or killing. They are used as cats paws by journeymen hoodlums because if they get caught, nothing all that drastic will befall them. This would be a welcome change.

Bandit said...

GOOD! I lived next door to a little bastard that got popped for guns and then for murder. He spent over a year at the County lockup. Ask me again why I own lots of guns. The government's job is to protect me from you. I'm here to take up where they slack off which is most of the time.

Charlie Horse said...

Throw the little bastards in jail. It's not like they're gonna miss Father's Day.

Bandit said...

They did toss his ass in jail but Petersucker she petered out as usual dumped his bond down low. Thing is I'll have video when he causes trouble and gets dropped where he stands. If a fly farts here the cameras record it. Done ****ing around.