Saturday, August 29, 2020

Show-Me COVID Killing Missouri

Stats show the pandemic escalating as Missouri officials cope with growing public demands to end public health precautions.


Missouri reports new record for COVID-19 deaths in one day; local task force says hospitalizations keep rising

ST. LOUIS ( - Missouri reported 32 deaths from COVID-19 on Saturday, the most it has ever reported for a single day. The old record was 30, which was reported on April 24. The news comes the same days as the St.


Anonymous said...

Reported in a single day does not mean occurred in a 24 hour period. Of course a reporter could not be expected to understand that. Meanwhile the CDC has quietly updated their data to reveal that over the course of the scamdemic a total 9,210 Americans have died from the Kung Flu exclusively. All other deaths involved other serious illnesses.

Anonymous said...

10:17 comment is CLUED IN!! Thank you.

It's overly obvious that those promoting this fake pandemic agenda have descended upon the Midwest over the past couple of weeks.

Initially, it was California, New York, and the big urban centers, but now they've brought their hyped killer-virus machine to fly-over country. When Dr. Birx made multiple visits to Missouri you knew for sure the media messaging would soon be about a surge in cases, keeping schools closed, extending government mandates, and prolonging the economic shutdown.

If you buy the media's false narrative on coronavirus, you don't understand viral transmission, the difference between exposure and sickness/death, the grossly inflated COVID-19 death count, how healthcare providers have been financially incentivized to report as many deaths as possible as COVID-19, and the massive politicization of the coronavirus.

Anonymous said...

My neighbor died in a car wreck. Guarantee you his death will count as a Wuhan China flu death and both of his votes for Biden will still count.