Friday afternoon Kansas City police brutality debate erupts as two top-ranking law enforcement officials take aim at one another . . . Even worse, the "I Can't Breathe" allegation will undoubtedly provoke a strong response from the community. 

First, we document the charges from the Courthouse. We'll follow with the response from KCPD . . . And then update with MSM reporting as it develops . . .

Jackson County grand jury indicts KC police sergeant for excessive force on 15-year-old

A Jackson County grand jury has indicted a Kansas City police sergeant for Assault 3rd degree, a felony, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced today at a Kansas City press conference.

Sgt. Matthew T. Neal, according to the indictment, caused physical injury to the victim, a juvenile, by kneeing him on the back of the head and neck and forcing the victim’s head to the pavement. The victim repeatedly stated “I can’t breathe” in a plea for help.

The victim’s injuries included broken teeth and gash on his head, Baker stated.

Neal faces one count of Assault 3rd Degree, a Class E felony under Missouri law.*

An affidavit signed by the grand jury foreperson states that the jurors reviewed evidence in this case on multiple occasions, starting June 12. The use of excessive force occurred on on Nov. 14. 2019, in the parking lot of Go Chicken Go, near 51st and Troost Avenue in Kansas City. It began about 10:40 pm when a Kansas City police officer, suspicious of the victim and another male who were at 7-Eleven near 89th and Wornall, attempted to stop them as they drove away from that location.

The driver fled until the vehicle was stopped in the parking lot of Go Chicken Go. The driver and the passenger, the victim who was too young to drive, exited the car, got on their knees, with hands above their heads. Neal was one of the first officers on the scene. He took charge of taking the juvenile victim into custody. The victim did not struggle or pull away. He was handcuffed and lying on the ground on his stomach. He did not have a weapon. Neal, with another officer, began to lift the victim, then Neal forced his knee on to the back of the head of the victim. This forced his face into the cement and injured him. Neal’s knee and body weight remained on the back of the victim’s head and his face was pinned to the pavement. The victim repeatedly stated, “I can’t breathe” in a plea for help.

Once he was brought to his feet, the victim’s injuries were clear and he was taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital, where he received treatment, according to the affidavit.

Baker stated she was disturbed that this incident occurred in November, but it wasn’t until spring this year that her office learned of it. Baker called for an independent system to be established so all excessive force incidents are reported and reviewed. In the meantime, she encouraged citizens to report incidents of force or misconduct to the prosecutor’s office through its website:

Baker added that she would not name the victim because he is a juvenile.

“We know the play book. We’ve seen it before. The playbook is to make the Victim appear to be a bad person. Someone who deserved this rough treatment.” Baker stated.

“I’d like to remind everyone that our victim was a 15-year-old passenger who was cooperative with police. He ended up in Children’s Mercy Hospital with a gash on his head and broken front teeth. I hope all involved in this case and our community will rally around this victim and support him.”

In fairness . . .


I was informed today that an officer from the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department was indicted by a Jackson County grand jury.

As Chief of Police, when matters that raise concern come to my attention, it’s my responsibility to ensure they are appropriately investigated and that those investigations are turned over for possible further proceedings in the criminal justice process.

In the current matter involving third degree felony assault charges against an officer, we first became aware of the incident following a complaint that was investigated by the Office of Community Complaints (OCC) the Internal Affairs Unit.

After reviewing that investigative file, we sent the entire file to federal prosecutors, the FBI, and the county prosecutor, as is our responsibility per our civil rights MOU for their independent evaluation of the circumstances.

The officer, an 18-year veteran of the department assigned to the Patrol Bureau, has been on administrative leave following the results of the OCC investigation, and he will continue to be until the outcome of the proceedings.

All of us want justice. And we remain committed to the legal process going forward.

KCPD Chief Rick Smith

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Developing . . .


  1. If there was video there would be a riot. But it also might clear the cop.

    1. If you want to know why there is violence in KC. It doesn't help when the prosecutor and police chief obviously aren't on the same page.

    2. Yeah, because when a thug shoots a pregnant woman pushing her baby in a stroller he is probably thinking about the rocky relationship between the chief and the prosecutor.

  2. Great idea! Reward the criminals by not doing your job and prosecute the cops. That woman is so fucking retarded.

    1. Some cops are criminals too you IDIOT!!!

  3. First, a Captain or a Major should have caught the excessive force by the end of the shift when a 15 year old had to go to the hospital for broken teeth. A complaint to internal affairs should not have been the start of the investigation.

    Second, a kid's teeth should not have been broken period. There is no justification in any way.

    Third, just another example that the Chief has to go, money to the department reduced and more officers indicted for unprofessional and illegal behavior.

    1. He's not going anywhere so just relax.

  4. The proper amount of force is whatever it takes to subdue the perp. Obviously the little shit was fighting.

  5. @5:28.

    Good on you.

    Glad to know it's not all just neanderthals on here. Good to see there is still compassion in Kansas City.

  6. Wow! What a horrible prosecutor! Must be taking advice from the St Louis Prosecutors!

  7. Could JPB look any "skankier"? Does she even give a shit about how she looks in public cause we know she can't do her job.

  8. The cop should have stole his wallet at lit the kid on fire. She won't prosecute looters.

  9. We all know Jean Petersucker Baker’s playbook, too. Drop or reduce charges, unskilled prosecution, happily agree to probation, release the criminals to commit more crimes. Jean Petersucker Baker and the liberal fag judges are worthless.

  10. Of all the crimes perpetrated in Kansas City, this is the one she chooses to prosecute. She does this but does not even prosecute shootings unless somebody dies. Everybody is equal, but some are more equal than others.

  11. What is a 15 year old doing driving around in the hood- Prolly trying to establish street cred: Parents: Be parents.

  12. My God - Democrat women are SO FUCKING UGLY.

    (Anybody else notice that?)

  13. Maybe he slipped and fell?

  14. That is one ugly woman !

  15. She needs a new pic.

  16. She needs botox

  17. She has never ever done her job.
    Now she is against the PD,
    What about the cases prior when she was in bed with them.
    All of those case supposedly had a grand jury look at the
    facts, well, lets just say I know first hand, that never happened
    and justice was not ever resolved when it was police brutality.
    She for a fact never called prime witnesses. She only called who she
    She needs to go and look at herself in the mirror for the rest of her life
    for how many people she hurt.

  18. And in related news regarding ugly Demonrats:

    Sumter Police say Sabrina Belcher staged her own kidnapping and beating to get “publicity, sympathy and votes in the November election.”

    Police have arrested a Democratic candidate in South Carolina for allegedly filming a fake kidnapping of herself to win votes while running for mayor, reports The State.

    Authorities charged Sabrina Belcher with conspiracy as well as filing a false police report following the fake kidnapping. She was filmed being robbed, beaten and kidnapped on Tuesday in a video on Facebook live and according to The State, Belcher arranged the whole incident in order to get “sympathy” before the election.

    Damn! Demonrats will do anything to get votes won't they?

  19. Just the latest example of Peters-Baker playing her usual political hack role and now more than ever in an election year.
    Of course, in this case she's years behind the "I can't breathe?hands up don't shoot" BS, but that's not going to stop her from trying to ride what little there is left of the BLM wave.
    Meanwhile the feds are rolling up thugs off the streets, confiscating dozens of stolen weapons, bringing serious charges, and sending these goons to federal court, where they will likely find their outcomes are not at all like Peters-Baker's county get out of jail free cards.
    She's really a sad excuse for a "public servant" and her election as state chair of the Democrats speaks volumes for the caliber of members of that organization.
    She resigned that position and now should do the same of the one she currently holds.

  20. She seems anti-police.
    She seems in cahoots or at least similar to the dishonesty of Kim Gardner.
    Perhaps she can hire William Tisaby.

    Misery loves company.
    All 3 are miserable.

    Honor the blue line and defund her office.
    Ask BLM to protest and Defund her office.

  21. Sounds like there was an attempted coverup at the end of the shift. This was handled appropriately once the complaint was filed. Outside oversight and national protests have changed the dynamic and raised public concern about police actions. We don't know what happened, but the Grand Jury usually gets a biased presentation.


  22. Funny how she can let the criminals run the city with no action against them but she goes after a cop who has to fight these animals everyday. Something needs to be done about this women, something is really wrong with her.
    Cops get your pay and do the Ferguson effect again, then vote for someone who is going to stand behind you. Jean Peters Baker is putting your life in danger to save criminals.

  23. To whom it may concern:

    Jean Petersucker Baker is the best prosecutor ever.


    Criminal hood rats
    Defense Attorneys

  24. She looks like she may have a terrible yeast infection for the past 35 years, she would be received well in Cook County, IL

  25. She’s filed charges on three people in the last four months and guess what? They’ve all been policemen. She’s clearly fucking insane.

  26. And yet, Baby Burt, the kid was handcuffed and face down on the ground. Weird. Perhaps you've devoted so much time to posting you've not had time to check the facts. Usually I'd add "weird," but for you that's par for the course.

  27. Sure. Everyone knows that thugs stop trying to get away from police after they are handcuffed don't we?

  28. I believe a 15 hoodrat over anybody all day everyday, they’re so pure an innocent those kolored kids are! Hahahahaha!

  29. Some necks just need knelt on. Weird.

  30. He dint do huffin!

    Wanna buy a bridge?

  31. when i was 15, if i had got caught not only with a stolen car, but going on a 5 mile pursuit from the law,,,, blacks have no moral standards,, this little shithead put people in traffic at risk evading arrest, while doing multiple unlawful deeds. then the family goes and cries about a rough take down. give this country away, we can't even look at a black the wrong way without going to jail for wrong think.

  32. Chickenshit charge. He will be acquitted.

  33. Fuck him and the race card.

  34. Why would a KCMO cop bother to get out of their car under the kind of unfair criticism they have faced from their city ?

  35. Wait did it read he is still on the job getting paid? Doesnt the policy of the KCPD say that a member that is charged with a felony arrest will be suspended without pay. They are still paying this guy on my dime which clearly is against the policy of the kcpd. What the fuck is going on.

  36. It all starts when people do not do as the officer ask. Plain and simple.

  37. not true 11:00pm

  38. When he said " I can't breathe " was it similar to when George Floyd did it prior to being placed on the ground as he ingested Fentanyl ? And the Media hid the complete video once again to spark anger and divide ? ?? Weird, euh ?

  39. TO the dipshit that thinks teeth should not have been broken. When my friends wife and her friend got knocked down by a 14 year old robber, her teeth were broken. Notice 14..dicksmack that doesn't live in the real world.

  40. Really bad case of whaddaboutism, 5:23. Seek treatment.

  41. Jean is pandering. Forgets she is inviting Repub state involvement in her activities.

  42. If the shitty prosecutor was as enthusiastic about charging criminals as she was police officers...


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