Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Shawnee School's Out Forever?!?!

Pandemic bad news today for parents as the corona shut down continues and everyone pretends that zoom meetings qualify as school.

Btw, here's a great way to get out of both work and education by way of learning something useful:

CNET: How I prerecorded myself in video meetings for a week

Read more:

SMSD superintendent: School to start remote only, fall activities suspended

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Hours after receiving an update on the COVID-19 outbreak from Johnson County Department of Health and Environment, Shawnee Mission School District Superintendent Mike Fulton announced that the district will start the school year with remote learning. Fulton said the health department data left the district with no choice but to start the school year Sept.


Clayton Bigsby said...

can't wait til this shits over in November

Matt, Race Director said...

This will officially define a generation then

Clayton Bigsby said...

9/11 part deux

Anonymous said...

They continue to destroy the children. Experts can't figure out why one in four Millennials has contemplated suicide since COVID broke out. Maybe it's because we're destroying their lives too. In Kansas, more people died of the flu last winter than have died of COVID, yet we destroy the lives, and economic, physical and mental well-being of millions.

Clayton Bigsby said...

agenda 21,literally

Anonymous said...

This is a cold people that's it. Happens every year. We are scaring our kids to death for a regular cold/flu season.

Wall E. Weasel said...

"In Kansas, more people died of the flu last winter than have died of COVID"

Again? Already? It has not even been a few days since you did this the last time.

Kansas Influenza Deaths 2019-2020 Season (Sept. 1, 2019 - May 31, 2020)
Influenza - Contributing Cause of Death Only: 26
Influenza - Direct Cause of Death: 115
Total: 141

Kansas COVID-19 Statewide Deaths as of 8/17: 405

All data is easily verifiable via KDHE.