Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Shawnee Mission School District Coronavirus Reopen Debate Continues

More insight after a recent decision to use the Interents to avoid real work . . . Read more:

Parents Urge Shawnee Mission School Board To 'Let Us Take The Risk' Of In-Person Learning

All students in the Shawnee Mission School District will start the year virtually to slow the spread of the coronavirus. But some parents say society has "moved on" from the pandemic, and it's time to get kids back in school buildings.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the Dr. that spoke at the BV school board meeting. The sample the health officials are looking at are people getting tested that are showing symptoms or have been exposed. It's not a random sample and of course the + rate will be higher. The Dr. said a more random sample is all tests done at SM Hospital (where it tests people coming for elective surgeries, testing, etc.) where the positive rate was 0.5%. I haven't heard a good response to why the later results shouldn't be used. It feels like we are looking for an excuse to stay at home, avoid risk, live in a bubble.

Anonymous said...

when ebola comes, and it will, these people will want in-person schooling. There were equally as stupid people during the great plague. some people are just born with less IQ. we need to protect them from themselves.

Anonymous said...

^^^Nice, you want some nightmares, read The Hot Zone. Could you even imagine the panic if Ebola spread even a minutiae of what COVID has. People would literally not leave their house. I know I sure as hell wouldn't unless I was in a hazmat suit. Shit, even if there was one confirmed case in each state, society would damn near crumble. We'd all be goners.

Anonymous said...

There's a tremendous amount of false positive tests that is disgusting and absolute fraud. My wife is a physician and knows of 4 people that waited 90 minutes to be tested and left before being tested. Two days later they were notified that they were positive. The same thing happened to a friend of mine. He sent 9 employees to be tested but they left because of the wait only to be notified two days later that all 9 tested positive. The Dr that spoke at the Bluevalley meeting absolutely destroyed JO CO Heath Dept. numbers. The real numbers are .5% with a 99.97% survival rate.