Monday, August 03, 2020

Report: Kansas Church Demands Silence

Scathing accusations and a glimpse at Catholic push back against legal pressure . . . Checkit:

SSPX Silences Witnesses

ST. MARYS, Kansas ( - The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) is discouraging its members from speaking privately to investigators, even as a criminal investigation into sex abuse cover-up is underway. In a recent letter authored by U.S. District bursar Fr. Scott Gardner obtained by Church Militant, the priest warns the St.


Anonymous said...

If the church will not let people speak to authorites - then its a PARTNER IN CRIME! The oldest trick in the book is to silence witnesses. The mafia does it, Cartel does it, gangs do it, russian mob does it, Taliban does it -NOW THE CATHOLIC CHURCH DOES IT!

Anonymous said...

SSPX is a cult. They're old school Catholics who don't recognize the pope, reject Vatican II and will obey their clergy even if it means prison or death.

KBI may as well close the case and walk away, tis isn't the first time they've tangles with law enforcement. They have the lawyers, guns and money to take on the KBI and they control the politics in that county having bred plenty of voters over the past 5 decades.

If the KBI builds a slam dunk case the county attorney will never prosecute if he wants reelected again. In the off chance he does there's enough SSPX in the county they'll never seat a jury that doesn't have a least 2 SSPX hearing the case.

Anonymous said...

We need to arrest church leaders and charge them under the RICO laws. Send the leaders of Catholic Churches to prison for the crimes of their underlings. That will get top management moving to stop abuse. This has gone on for centuries. And the church members who could just walk away stay? That will be their ticket to hell on judgement day. And yes there is a hell.

Anonymous said...

Everyone knows the catholic church is a bunch of criminals. But people still attend. Why? Find a real church with Godly leaders. Not a bunch of pedofiles

Anonymous said...

SSPX makes Opus Dei look timid in their faith and have voted in their own to dominate the county politics there. Nothing in that county happens without SSPX leadership's approval.

Something like this pops up every few years with them, big fuss is made and in a few weeks whatever the scandal is it's forgotten.