Raytown Remains Rough After Latest Murder

Aftermath report following a recent spate of gunfire echoed through an embattled neighborhood . . . Read more:

1 dead in Raytown shooting Monday night

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Raytown police officers responding to reports of multiple gunshots found one man dead inside a vehicle Monday night. Police were called shortly before 9:30 p.m. to the 8400 block of Lane Drive. Upon arrival, officers found a man dead from apparent gunshot wounds in a vehicle parked on the street.


  1. When is somebody going to come up with a dead negro count for killa shitty and the surrounding metro area, that would be interesting to see what the total score is. I’m betting it’s around 160 right now.

  2. ^^^^^^

    Are you counting the dead bodies in the river and laying around the city that haven't been found yet?

  3. Gotta find them first but they’re out there for sure!

    Raytown has at least five, independence probably has five, Johnson county probably has a couple and lord knows how many the dotte has.

    See, another 35 or so gets us around 160!

  4. Raytown, unfortunately, follows the pattern of one time nice neighborhoods. Africanas burrheadus moves in, neighborhood and, poof, right down the shitter. Look throughout the country, rarely see darkies move in and the neighborhood improves.

  5. The inner city problems used to be on the far side of Blue Ridge, now it has crossed over Raytown Rd, in its slow trek east. Raytown used to be a quiet town.


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