Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Prolific Kansas City Poet Pens Jokes

Actually, amid mostly dismal news this local work might be worth checking out for a few laughs . . . As always we look forward to bitter tears and negativity from comment haters who normally troll the nicer links we leave open in order to make themselves feel better . . . It's all art as far as we're concerned. Checkit:

In Her Fifth Book, A Kansas City Poet Finds Humor In Stories Both Real And Imagined

Patricia Cleary Miller's writing is so immediate and tactile that readers are often surprised to learn that not all of her poems come from personal experience. "I wrote something about a woman who was the wife of the Soviet commander in Lithuania, and [a reader] said, 'But you must have been there.'


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Why is she allowed to write poetry? She's WHITE!

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She's a fabulous being. Thanks for featuring.