Post-Mortem: Overland Po-Po Cleared OF Killing Dance Instructor

Aftermath of suburban tragedy and a sign of increasing white-on-white violence. Read more:

DA says Officer Mike Mosher's use of deadly force justified in May 3 shooting

Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe said his office completed a review of a May 3 officer-involved shooting involving Overland Park police Officer Michael Mosher, concluding Mosher's use of force on that day was justified under Kansas law.Mosher died in the shootout with the suspect, identified by authorities as Phillip Carney, 38.


  1. Hell yes it was justified.

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  3. “Overland Park Po Po” disrespectful Tony’s..

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  5. What was the question again???

  6. This Officer was a hero and saved who knows how many lives . The scumbag who killed him would have killed other people with no doubt .

  7. Carney is obviously impaired and was non-violent during questioning. He appears to pull a gun from his waist and shakily raises it toward his own head, not the officer. The officer immediately lunges at him and the gun. Gun discharges. Looks like an accident. Justified? Hmmmm....

    If the cop doesn't pounce on him immediately, he likely doesn't get shot. Carney might have just shot himself or drop the weapon. His hand was shaking badly. Too bad guns laws are so weak that this type of person can even get a gun.

    This was avoidable, but happens a lot. This type of escalation and tragedy only happens in the US because of... freedom.

    I wish the police union would stop using Mosher as a prop to justify their poor us, we're called names and disrespected, it's dangerous and we're scared, so we can shoot first policy. The next victim might be you. Let him rest in peace.


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