Saturday, August 15, 2020

Platte County Hates Kansas City

Worthwhile letter to the editor offers and update on cash the KCMO lost under the radar of most MSM newsies. Read more:

Governing on grudges and friendships - The Platte County Landmark Newspaper

Apparently the Platte County commissioners are ruling on personal grudges and friendships instead of governing for the people of Platte County.


Anonymous said...

I hate killa shitty too, biggest thieves and idiots in the land. That’s why I moved two weeks ago to a whole other county. It’s life changing people. I haven’t been this happy in years and that’s the truth. Fresh air and the best part is it’s so damn peaceful I struggle sometimes with how quiet it is. The people are so damn nice you almost feel like you’re dreaming. Kc lost that over the past ten years and it won’t come back.

Killa shitty is now a third world country run by a regressive regime of Marxist wannabes and children who care nothing about anybody but they selves. Seriously people, bail the first chance you get, it’s life changing!

Anonymous said...

^^^^ We're all happy for you, and would like you to know you've made all our lives better with your move as well.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Platte County was not quick enough to annex the land now belonging to Kansas City, MO. Same thing with Clay County. Both are regretting not seeing the monster gobbling up land for KC's tax coffers. Of course we Northlanders hate Kansas City. There is nothing to love.

Anonymous said...

10:52 don't be bitter you don't have the balls or means to leave. The world needs stupid and/or poor people too, I guess.

Retro ROCKER said...

I Feel your pain. I'm 30 seconds,from the City Limits. And People are more friendly 30 Seconds,away .And you can spend your tax dollars in other communities.