Saturday, August 01, 2020

Overland Park Remembers Serial Killer Scare And Murder Of Lisa Stasi

Important read about danger in the suburbs and a case that has been solved but not completely resolved. Read more:

Lisa Stasi's Murder: How Did She Die? Who Killed Her? Was Lisa Stasi Found?

ABC's '20/20: Sole Survivor' brings to light the dreadful and horrific story of a crime that took place back in the 1980s. What started as a missing person's case turned into a homicide investigation, which then turned out to involve a serial killer who had been misleading the police for nearly two decades.


Anonymous said...

Robinson used to work out of an office building for years located at 83rd and Somerset Drive in Prairie Village ks. On the SE corner. I lived nearby, less than a block away. I am sure he must have seen me many times working on my yard. That really freaked me out. To have a mass murderer working down the street from my house. I am not so trusting anymore.

Anonymous said...

I think the tragedy is compounded by the biological father and daughter not being able to connect. It's totally understandable why she didn't want to at the time. The father is obviously a troubled individual...not owning a car for seven years, waking up under a bridge etc...the fact that they can't "find him" now makes one wonder if he's even still alive.
Wishing Heather the best.

Anonymous said...

IS this the black guy that stated he only wanted white people to die and killed only WHITES? Because everyone knows that only Whites are Racist..According to the liberal Media and Rainbow koolaid kids. Weird

Anonymous said...

5:06 not true, the dude lives in Missouri and him and the daughter have reconnected. They’re making part of that story up to make it more dramatic.... like the mother being murdered isn’t dramatic enough.

Anonymous said...

"not true, the dude lives in Missouri and him and the daughter have reconnected. "

If someone has a link to this I'd love to see it. They both need closure.
The media making something up? Impossible! Can't believe that! I'm shocked and crushed!