Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Overland Park Coalition Against Council Dude After Domestic Battery Charge

Whilst it kills me to link this blog, their link tease offers a nice roundup of Golden Ghetto drama that's tearing apart your busy body grandma . . . Read more:

Six on Overland Park council call for Scott Hamblin to resign following domestic battery arrest

Six members of the Overland Park City Council called for their fellow member Scott Hamblin to resign his Ward 6 seat in the wake of a domestic battery charge filed against him July 22. Saying the charges point to conduct unbecoming of a city representative, the six said Hamblin's pending court case would make it difficult for him to perform his duties while defending himself.

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Anonymous said...

Have those six council persons ever heard of "innocent until PROVEN guilty"?. Inappropriate request, the mayor and city attorney should school these idiots to shut up until the legal process is complete.