Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Operation LeGend Persists Despite Protest Opposition In Kansas City

More info about the federal law enforcement crackdown and how this cowtown's roundup differs from the disaster in Portland.

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US attorney talks about Operation LeGend's purpose, scope

As community groups and protesters have denounced a surge in federal law enforcement presence to solve violent crime in Kansas City, U.S. Attorney Tim Garrison said Operation LeGend is working as planned to take violent criminals off the streets.The operation is named after 4-year-old LeGend Taliferro who died from gunfire while sleeping in his Kansas City bedroom in June.


Bandit said...

So? Tissue? Less scum on the streets is a good thing.

Smokey Andy said...

The purpose was to create the illusion that the present National Administration cares anything about crime or lawlessness, all part of the re-election mythology.

Proof? Why now, after almost four years in Office?

Anonymous said...

Look, you can explain to the libtards until you’re blue in the face the reasons why they’re here but you know these idiots, they would rather be in the top five for murders in the country and allow blacks to murder themselves by the hundreds all because orange man bad. I hope all you morons opposing this much needed action understand you have blood on you’re hands.

Bandit said...

Pointing and mocking their failures is fun.

Anonymous said...

^^^You mean how we do you & your life-failure right?

Anonymous said...

@5:38 You have blood on "you are" hands?
Damn, Dude your Computer's auto-correct needs updating,
sounds like a loose wire in front of the keyboard.

Anonymous said...

Burtie Boi @5:44 - you're right, mocking failures is fun.
Post some more for us, please.

Anonymous said...

Violent crime was going down until the fake news cried out over a fentanyl induced heart attack up north.

Democrats want more crime so they can profit off the taxes they impose to "combat" it. But when crime is actually reduced by enforcing the law, they cry out.

Democrats profit off minority deaths.

Wall E. Weasel said...

"Proof? Why now, after almost four years in Office?"

Why now? Possibly because the murder rate is on track to be the highest in history. Or because the police force has been weakened and demoralized by the mayor to the point of being ineffective. It could be because KCPD was simply overwhelmed with crime related to so many people being out of work.

There's also another remote chance that they came at this time BECAUSE THEIR PRESENCE WAS REQUESTED.