Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Olathe High School Theater Director Takes National Stage With COVID-19 Database

A glimpse at local science earning MSM coverage as schools reopen . . . Checkit:

Kansas schoolteacher created database of 700 schools reporting coronavirus

A Kansas high school teacher created what is believed to be the first national database tracking the effects of COVID-19 in K-12 schools, which has now chronicled the spread of the virus at more than 700 schools.


Anonymous said...

Ironically the largest Union group opposing the reopening of schools / Trump election is now experts on tracking students. I 'd worry more about accreditation, drug use , screwing students and other issues plaguing Teachers own behavior in the Metro . Didn't we just feature a Teacher last week into screwing students ? Ever notice the Teachers Union doesn't jump into and protect students in those type of issues? Silence isntead. Rather like BLM fails to notice 99 percent of the murders by their flock, Little Legend comes to mind. Reality vs fantasy.

Anonymous said...

There are many resources dedicated to the problems you mention. Dude saw an opportunity to improve something, but you whine he didn't fix every other problem instead?. You'd think conservatives would appreciate the self reliant initiative, but no, you are petulant little bitches because dude is doing the work Trump should be doing.

Anonymous said...

It is a national disgrace that a local high school teacher has to pull info from media sources because there is no data being shared from the CDC.

Clayton Bigsby said...

I'm sure there is a reason behind that,see you in November!