Newsflash: Conservatives News Agrees With Chart Debate That Undermines Mask Use

Kansas right-wing think tank still pushes their GREAT CHART DEBATE that earned nationwide op/ed endorsement but ultimately argues against a low-risk piece of material that's harmless . . . Still an important victory over Kinko's for these hacks paid handsomely to promote the opinion of their bosses.

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Wall Street Journal: Kansas Democrats' COVID chart masks the truth - The Sentinel

An opinion column in today's Wall Street Journal by Allysia Finley, a member of their editorial board, says Kansas health secretary Dr. Lee Norman fudged data on a chart to make Governor Kelly's mask mandate look successful.


  1. Or just say that the KDHE chart was deceptive in two regards: the vertical scales and the date of the beginning of the mask mandate.

    Whoever put the original graph together would have failed that assignment if this were schoolwork. Of course it is politics so deception is part fo the game.


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