Wednesday, August 19, 2020


Here's an economic power move that threatens to put the final nail in the coffin of local developers and, hopefully, incentivize builders to forgo local tax breaks.


KCUR: Economic Development Tax Breaks Cost Kansas City Public Schools $2,000 Per Student

Deets on the plan to put school officials in charge of city development:

The Kansas City Council is considering major reforms to its tax incentive policy that would allow school districts across the city to choose whether to allow their property tax abatement.

Under the proposed change, a developer seeking a tax exemption would have to first obtain written permission from the affected school district, unless the project is in a continuously distressed census tracts or the project falls within a designated area, all of which are located on the East side of Kansas City.

The city’s Neighborhood, Planning and Development committee discussed the measure for the first time Wednesday, but a final vote is not scheduled for weeks.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

This has all been discussed dozens of times before.
And there'll be a big show this time around that will give Lucas an opportunity to do his usual "taking both sides of the issue" soft shoe.
But these folks, the bond attorneys, construction firms, development attorneys, and all the rest of the "eco devo" menagerie is where the campaign cash comes from for local elections.
And Lucas will be summoned to the Chamber board room and be given another opportunity to kneel as he's given his marching orders.
This is DOA.
Just more show and no go from the same gang that couldn't shoot straight.

Anonymous said...

Big discussion, then decision to raise taxes to cover shortages caused by TIFs.

Anonymous said...

It’s not like it’s going to change anything for kcps, they claim to pay $19,000 per kid now and they’re still in the top five in the world for worst school district ever. They don’t have the right to complain until they get accredited and those kids start learning something meaningful.

Que the cries of racism any minute now.

Anonymous said...

Democrats way of fixing everything is throw more cash at it. That's why they fail at everything. Tax and spend.

Bandit said...

If MO MONEY was the solution ti the KCMO schools they would have been fixed long ago. The problem is the school district not the money.

Anonymous said...

^^You posted this multiple times already. Boring then, boring now.

Retro ROCKER said...

Republicans want to give students vouchers. To go to the school of there Choice. Even Poroicial and Christian and Private schools .THE Democrats don't want it they want to keep the Children DUMBED DOWN .

Anonymous said...

^^^You mean like you? Ever read one of your own horribly written comments retard? You are absolutely the wrong person to speak on schools as apparently never went.

President Kamala said...

Have already spent in excess of a BILLION FUCKING DOLLARS trying to fix the UNFIXABLE. Need vouchers for charter and parochial schools for students (and parents) who WANT THEIR CHILD TO LEARN.

Leave the ute scholars in the shithole the Billion Dollars didn't fix.

Teacher's unions will oppose, of course.

Bandit said...

Why are they even suggesting "fixing" that fucked up mess? The teachers don't want to go back and teach.

Anonymous said...

^^ugh huh.

Anonymous said...

The money shot, "....first obtain written permission from the affected school district, unless the project is in a continuously distressed census tracts or the project falls within a designated area..."

There's the loophole out of this. Much like the rules that were supposed to govern and limit the use of CIDs, that line will be twisted and mutilated to justify throwing this effort in the trash can for more development downtown and other affluent areas.

You really can't make this shit up. This city just cannot get out of it's own way. On the surface they'll slang this as, "we're trying to help the people". But we've seen enough of these song and dances to realize that when it comes down to it, blank checks and carte blanche will be given to the next private developer that comes asking for financial help from the city to build something that will not serve the city and only line the pockets of our "leaders" and enrich the already rich.


Anonymous said...

This is the essence of BLM/critical race theory. The object is to achieve equality of outcome. That translates into throwing money and other free stuff at it. When that does not work, it can only be that we didn't throw enough money and free stuff. Ad infinitum, ad nauseum.