Thursday, August 27, 2020

More Deets On Westwood, Kansas Cold Case Suspect Charged With Horrific Murder

This tragic link deserves to be highlighted for a lot of reasons but mostly because it offers a glimpse of deadly crime hitting an entirely peaceful enclave.

Take a look:

Murder charges announced for Westwood's first and only recorded homicide

WESTWOOD, Kan. - A 40-year-old man is facing charges in connection to the killing of David "Ray" Ninemire 17 years ago in Westwood. Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe announced Thursday that Eugene Keltner faces charges of first-degree murder in connection to the city's first and only recorded homicide since being incorporated in 1949.


Anonymous said...

He’s a suspected killer yet I’d still let him put it in my pooper. Weird.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

From his history of being on the Sex Offenders Registry, in addition to multiple other crimes, I am sure that he would have no problem diving into your pooper.
But you might want to insert a Glad bag up there first, sprayed with Lysol first.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your concern 801. I’ll keep it in mind if I can find any lawn sized bags around. My pooper gets a lot of heavy traffic.

Anonymous said...

Weird always likes it in the pooper. Like Mcdonalds, over 90 billion served poopers. And to think you can type as well.