Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Meet New Hombre At Kansas City Chamber

Power move for this connected local Latino dude who remains a rising start in the local Democratic Party despite his inability to garner votes.

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Contreras named chair of chamber’s Kansas City, Mo., committee

BY JOE ARCE AND COREY CRABLE ​ When he ran for State Treasurer of Missouri, Pat Contreras drove a lot of miles, pressed a lot of flesh, and met a lot of people. Even though he ultimately lost that race, Contreras gained a lot more - the ability to take those political connections made and turn them into business connections that will work for everyone.


Anonymous said...

But, but, but, he's not black!

Anonymous said...

Gay ? Tranny ? or just a special interest Hispanic ? Seems Special Interest is all that can get a job.

Anonymous said...

@8:00, I gather that you're not of any special interest to anyone then, right?