Life Lesson Talking Point: Kansas Must Prep Students For Teachers Dying Of COVID-19

This bit of propaganda doesn't deserve a link because it's campaign garbage from down on their luck "journalists" begging donors with every other article . . .

However, the question and the premise have been stolen quoted for the purposes of our discussion.

Checkit and tell us what you think . . . Given that no teacher ever died before coronavirus.

"In this time of COVID-19, will schools be able to deal with struggling students while also offering grief counseling to those who need it? Will students be able to emotionally and physically recover after losing a trusted teacher, guidance counselor or mentor to COVID-19? Especially if it could have been prevented?

"Every child will have to process the loss in their own way. We need to do what is best for the community as a whole. I was lucky, but there will be plenty of families across Kansas that will not be. Having a teacher die could really change a student’s direction in life.

"If saving one immunocompromised teacher is all that online classes will do, it will be worth it."

You decide . . .


  1. Very few people have died of COVID. They are using the fear factor. Herman Cain did not die of the virus he had colon cancer. It's been a proven fact that the WHO and Dr Demento aka Fauci have been saying to label all deaths as due to COVID. This is a LIE! But the good news is, most school teachers are losers and need to be jobless.
    Those who can, do and those who can't, teach.

  2. Dear god the dimwits and their stories of doom and gloom are effing retarded. But then again their dim witted followers will jump off of a cliff if they told them too! Yes, they are that dumb! Hahahahaha!

  3. Teachers assume their students love them when the opposite is usually the case.

  4. Bandit Darville8/2/20, 9:18 AM

    This is all bullshit hype and will continue into November. Racism, paranoia and bed-wetting fear are the only cards the libtards have left in their hand. All their other supposed "trump" cards have been an epic fail repeatedly.

  5. Nobody gives a fuck if you croak, teacher.
    You will be replaced the next day and forgotten the day after that.

  6. No Boomer, that you! Teachers matter, you never did. Hell, your family wants you dead! Don’t worry bitter, broken, & busted loser. It’s coming very soo! Thank God! Bye bye Boomer. Tick tick!

  7. Bandit Darville8/2/20, 9:51 AM

    Tissue 9:50?

  8. ^^Any plans today loser? Nope. Another beautiful day wasted begging for engagement on a blog. God getting old must really, really suck.

  9. Bandit Darville8/2/20, 10:31 AM

    Still living in your head rent free LOL!

  10. Nah...just genuinely curious why some people fail so bad.

  11. Bandit Darville8/2/20, 10:46 AM

    Ask Q Ball.

  12. I never forget my history teacher Mr. Foster and how he touched me.....usually after class when he kept me after school. Such soft hands and gentle mouth.

  13. ^^That's how I Ace'd Biology. I didn't know shit and got an A by letting Mr. R have a regular go at my cock.
    Hell, if the fucker was still alive, I'd sue him and the school district and die rich. He gave a dynamite blowjob.

  14. Are all of the STDs that public school teachers spread amongst themselves considered comorbidities for the Wuhan flu? That is the only way we would expect to see teacher deaths increase because of the pandemic that wasn't.


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