Thursday, August 20, 2020

Lee's Summit Rallies For School Reopen

Sleaze Scummit protests against the continued lockdown in a surpringly big rally . . . Checkit:

Hundreds of parents, students attend Lee's Summit rally supporting in-person learning

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - Hundreds of Lee's Summit parents and students rallied Wednesday, hoping to convince the school district to allow in-person learning. On two separate occasions this summer, Lee's Summit Schools asked parents and students which they preferred, in-person or online learning. On both occasions, including the last survey last week, they got the same [...]


Anonymous said...

Mainstream America is fed up with the Marxist Democrat's Covid-19 hysteria, looting, arson, corruption of Obama and Biden wire-tapping President Trump's campaign and personal residence. Nobody believes CNN, MSNBC or MSM anymore.

Trump in a landslide in November.

Democrat Party's Marxism displayed by BLM and ANTIFA opened the eyes of suburban America to vote for Trump 2020.

Anonymous said...

Yet the obsequiousness of the masks in prevalent throughout the Marxists administrative rules. I've pulled my kid. Stupid fucking sheep. About half the teachers I talked to hate them as well. Any doctor not motivated by political gesturing knows how stupid they are too. Nothing but a demonstration of obedience to the State.

Bandit said...

To be fair, liberals do look much better when they bag their faces.

Anonymous said...

^^like we do to your mom & wife??