Kylr Stays Losing Case Dismissal

Jail house spying won't free this murder suspect who has a VERY GOOD lawyer who is continually poking holes in the investigation and case targeting his client.


Kylr Yust case: State says communication violations don't warrant dismissal

Prosecutors said this week that while they acknowledge some of Kylr Yust's jail communications were recorded and accessed by Cass County Jail staff, the violations do not warrant the removal of the county prosecutor or the dismissal of the case.


This guy needs the electric chair asap
Bandit said…
He needs the Jeffrey Dahmer shiv treatment.
Anonymous said…
They need to let him out. I bet justice would be served fairly quickly.
Anonymous said…
Petersucker is worthless so of course she’ll get her ass handed to her in court and will lose, she gets beat by an average lawyer constantly, she folds under pressure anytime someone questions her. A good lawyer will embarrass her stupid ass and a great lawyer will make her hide in her basement sucking her thumb for the rest of her sorry ass life.