Sunday, August 30, 2020

KCK Schlitterbahn Redux After Tragedy

Public meeting notice offering insight at an ambitious plan which hopes to make people forget about a horrific youngster decapitation at this embattled locale . . .

Dotte Daily: Schlitterbahn property proposed to become Homefield, an amateur sports and entertainment venue


"A part owner of Sporting KC, Robb Heineman, is presenting his ideas to the Unified Government for Homefield, an amateur sports, entertainment and sports entertainment venue to be built on the site of the Schlitterbahn water park at 94th and State Avenue.

A proposal for the Homefield development in the UG agenda for Monday night’s committee meeting stated that it would include a $60 million Homefield building with 150,000 square feet, as well as a $15 million Homefield Outdoor facility for training and entertainment programs for water and outdoor sports."

Whilst the youth sports idea is interesting . . . It's unclear how much taxpayer cash and/or breaks will be required for this facility that will hopefully prove less disastrous than its predecessor.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

how much hard equity are the promoters putting in?

Anonymous said...

Just another couple of grifters with no money looking for taxpayer hand-outs to achieve their "dreams".
Citiy and county budgets across the country are already sucking air and the last thing they need to do is to take current sale tax revenue and give it away to "developers".
These guys have already left a couple of "projects" with little to show than some moved dirt. so it's not real hard to do some basic due diligence.
Can any of these local electeds ever have the guts to say NO?

Anonymous said...

wyandotte county might be more business savvy.

Anonymous said...

Give me the Land,
and give me the Money,
and I'll build something
Real Good there, Honey!

Boys and Girls, memorize that verse,
get yourself a good supply of "little white envelopes"
(suitable for holding cash),
have somebody draw you a generic sketch of a building,
and you too can be a REAL ESTATE DEVELOPER!

Anonymous said...

This will be bigger than the Mission Mall project.

Fronkenstien said...

But will it sit vacant for several years and then get knocked down and sit vacant for many more years? Living up to the Mission Mall is a pretty tall order.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up!

Anonymous said...

Bring back Schlitterbahn.