Tuesday, August 11, 2020

KCK Fire Union Rank & File Demand Chief Removal Amid Pricey Residency Hot Mess

City worker drama across the state line as 1st responder tensions escalate under increasing pandemic threat . . . Checkit:

KCK firefighters union calls for chief's ouster

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - There's a call for the Kansas City, Kansas, fire chief to resign or be fired. That demand is coming from some of his own employees - members of the firefighters' union. At issue is where Chief Mike Callahan had been living for more than a year.


Anonymous said...

Damn that's cold. Sold out your own brother. Then again, it is Wyandotte County so not completely unexpected.

A said...
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Anonymous said...

Get rid of residency all together. These Firefighters would be a lot wiser to shut their pieholes and ask for the same options, not griping and whining about someone who got an exemption. Instead they’re sealing their own fate.

Anonymous said...

Another activist Union firefighter being an a$$hole....typical, piss off