Friday, August 14, 2020

KCI Firings Takeoff As Coronavirus Kills Airline Industry

Economic update from this town's mostly empty institution where most of the planes remain grounded. Read more:

Food Vendor Laying Off 229 Workers At Kansas City International Airport

HMSHost, which operates food concessions at Kansas City International Airport, is laying off 229 employees due to "a drastic decline in business" as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company, which operates airport concessions around the world, said in a labor law notice that it had seen an unprecedented decline in airport and highway traffic.


Anonymous said...

No problem!
If they're in the "right" demographic groups to fit the council's MBE/WBE parameters, they can go from making coffee and sandwiches to building the terminal.
Creativity is everything!

The Bitter Truth said...

See how the city has ruined the damn airport along with everything else.

Anonymous said...

Last one to leave KCI please turn off the gaslighting!

Anonymous said...

A one billion dollar circle jerk.

Anonymous said...

How about we scale back the airport build? No reason to build an airport to nowhere. Do we need a referendum to stop the waste?

Anonymous said...

Should have privatized it long ago.
That’s what you get with lousy politicians.
They waste so much money on stuff they no nothing about.
Maybe Mayor 10-10-10 can bus the looters up to the new part and they can destroy it for free and then privatize the old.
No one wants to fly - especially to Democrat run shitties.. I mean cities.

President Kamala said...

But where are the 25 million tourists going to receive the high quality food and fast service with a smile they're accustomed to ?