Tuesday, August 11, 2020

KC Loves Senator Kamala Harris!?!?

Quick look at local mainstream media offering their roundup of today's big news . . . Take a peek:

Biden's historic VP selection receives positive reaction in the metro

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Joe Biden named California Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate on Tuesday, making history by selecting the first Black woman to compete on a major party's presidential ticket. Shirley Chisholm, the first African-American woman to seek the Democratic Party's presidential nomination once said, "If they don't make room for you [...]


Anonymous said...

Positive reaction, my ass!

Anonymous said...

Willie Brown must have a video somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Still Kamala doesn't seem to like Joe, as per the allegations she has always stated about him. But she is black,so....

Reality Speaker said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

Another good one! Keep 'em comin', funny stuff.

Anonymous said...

Brown, her raison d'ĂȘtre, implored her to drop out.

It's like the Fabian Socialists are trying to add another 6 months to their expiration date.


Anonymous said...

Well, given a city that’s got off the chart murders, unaccredited schools, crumbling infrastructure and stifling debt, it makes perfect sense that it would love Harris.

Black Activist said...

Kamala is my dream woman. Tough on crime, but a little naughty. Her smile makes me feel funny - you know where. She's going to make a great president once we 25th Amendment the old white guy.

Anonymous said...

Triggered geezers are the best!!!!

Bye-bye MAGA.

Anonymous said...

Harris doesn't trigger anything but unenthusiasm.


She's the perfect pick and a blessing from the DNC to America. Christmas came early with this ticket.

Anonymous said...

Keep howling Trumppuppets, every urtd that drops from your lips attacking Harris wins the Democrats another formerly undecided vote!

So far you've already cost Bonespurs every woman's, minority's, farmer's and veteran's vote.

Anonymous said...

Biden's decisions keep lagging reality.
He announced that his VP pick would be a women when #metoo was in the headlines. By doing that he eliminated half the qualified potential candidates and now that trendy issue has faded.
Now he's chosen a black woman just as the mindless public enthusiasm for BLM is rapidly fading as rioting and senseless looting have continued and even increased. The public's uninformed support for pretty much anything "black" is quickly fading too, and will likely be mostly gone by election day.
Pandering to the trend of the moment rarely is successful.
But the Dems never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

No need to attack her. She's the perfect weapon to sink the Biden campaign. She's on our side. Plus, she's a cop.

"“I believe them, and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it,” she said.

Multiple women accused Mr Biden of inappropriately touching them, including one Nevada politician who said the former vice president came up to her at a 2014 campaign stop and kissed the back of her head. This encouraged Mr Biden to release a video addressing the allegations against him. "

He also molests children, not just women like Tara Reade

He did it live on C-SPAN - https://youtu.be/k4XMvWIRmx0

Why attack her when elevating her and calling attention to her near Trump like rhetoric about Biden is so helpful to the reelection campaign?

Anonymous said...

This is the problem with the biased media.They go to a few people who are going to give them a positive reaction and ask if they like it so they can say the metro likes it. That's not journalism.

Anonymous said...

FEELS-UP + HEELS-UP Great Ticket!

Anonymous said...

The bankrupt KC Red Star with no subscribers endorses Harris / Biden.

Bahahahahahahhahaha !

Clayton Bigsby said...

Byron is blacker than Kamala

Anonymous said...

Great pick! We’ll take her down with Joe and be done with her. Once you’re on a losing democrat ticket, you’re nothing to the party. The base he was trying to appease hates her. Two birds. One stoned. One just lost.

Anonymous said...

Sniff and Swallow 2020

Anonymous said...


Her mother is from India.
Her father is from Jamaica, and his family owned slaves.
"Kamala" is from the Hindu Sanskrit language.
She has a sister "Maya" (recall Obama has a half-sister Maya).
She graduated from high school in Canada.
Her parents divorced when she was 7.
In college she demonstrated against apartheid (just like Obama did).

In the 1990's, Harris broke into CA state politics after being appointed to high-paying state boards by her married boyfriend CA Assembly Speaker Willie Brown. (Yes, she slept her way into patronage positions)

The San Francisco Ethics Commission levied the largest ever fine, at the time, against Harris for violating campaign finance laws.

In one state race, Harris pledged never to seek the death penalty and to prosecute three-strike offenders only in cases of violent felonies.

Harris is a BIG CALIFORNIA LIBERAL who panders to all the Democrat special-interest groups like Blacks, illegal immigrants, LGBTQ, etc. She's thoroughly corrupt and is willing to sell-out for personal gain.
Example: In 2013, Harris declined to authorize a civil complaint drafted by state investigators that accused OneWest Bank, owned by an investment group headed by future Trump Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin (then a private citizen), of "widespread violation" of California foreclosure laws. Mnuchin made campaign contributions to Harris.

In 2014, soon to turn 49, Harris married for the first time to give the public appearance of normality as she was prepped for the national stage. Her arranged husband (whom she spends little time with) is Douglas Emhoff, a Jewish attorney.

Notice the striking parallels between Kamala Harris and Barack Obama, and be forewarned that the Democratic Party is attempting to use dementia-afflicted Joe Biden as a Trojan Horse to sneak Harris into the White House Oval Office. She is a controlled asset who will champion the California Ultra-Liberal Agenda across the nation.

The Ayatollah said...

I have no doubt that Kamala will become President soon after IF Sleepy Joe Wins... However, I promise you Donald Trump Jr will become president the following election. Enjoy your moment. I’m sure she will make you rich and powerful like Obama did.


Anonymous said...

Trump's delusions has destroyed the reason of his cult followers.

Is she a too tough on crime AG or a weak California liberal?

Is Biden too hard on criminals or his he going to defund the police and let them run wild?

You can't even stick to a single credible criticism. Trump had months to prepare attacks on Harris. She was always the favorite choice. The best he's got is Nasty???

The Republican candidate for president has won the popular vote only once since 1988. 2020 will not be the second time. Trump's wipeout this year will only be bigger than any other Republican loss.

Anonymous said...

Your self-talk therapy is coming along nicely.

Now, enjoy the laugh riot that will be Mattressback Harris' career flameout.

Anonymous said...

When does Trump dump Pence and outsource the VP job to Indian Nikki Haley?

Anonymous said...

Most women, especially feminists, don't like when women use their looks and sex to work their way up the ladder and make a lot of money. Kamala is as guilty of a quid pro quo as Joe Biden and his firing of the Ukrainian prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

^^^and yet she’s the next VP in a massive wipe-out of Repubturds. Weird.

Anonymous said...

The only faction who likes her in KC are the blacks and they’re too stupid to figure out she ain’t black.