Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Kansas Populism Is Why Prez Trump Might Win Another Term

Great headline and worthwhile read SUGGESTED BY THE BEST & BRIGHTEST TKC READERS. The missive basically warns us that the Democratic Party remains out of touch with working poor who will vote against their own economic self-interests simply to salvage a bit of dignity.

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Kansas Should Go F--- Itself

The People, No: A Brief History of Anti-Populism Thomas Frank is one of America's more skillful writers, an expert practitioner of a genre one might call historical journalism - ironic, because no recent media figure has been more negatively affected by historical change.


Silvestor orgalthorpe said...

This again?
Working people that dont vote democrat are doing so against their own self interests?

Settings aside that both parties have allowed jobs to leave the country since the 1970’s, there is also the belief that people dont want the left wing view of America. Which is being shows for all to see in Portland and Seattle
The list of reasons to not vote democrat are very long. As im sure those that dont vote GOP can come up with their own
But ill vote republican until i see GOP voters rioting and burning cities down
And by the way, saying Fuck You because someone disagree with you is not the way to persuade them to your side

Anonymous said...


Actually, agree with a lot of that. but that's the point of the book. Or at least what's a matter with Kansas.

BOTH parties are working for lobbyists.

The rest of us are basically just debating branding.

Larry Roth said...

I just finished this book and can't recommend it highly enough. It has food for thought for everyone, but especially for liberals, who are rapidly becoming the Robespierres of our time.

I will have a review on my blog in a few days.

Anonymous said...

Sensible middle class working Americans are tired of being told what is wrong with their attitudes while paying fir the privilege. The liberals as they try to save us vilify us for having basic common sense values that they themselves lack. The everything for free while you pay for it doesn't wash with intelligent Americans. While the Republicans are not an ideal choice, they offer the only mature stable choice.

Anonymous said...

Castigating Robespierre more than 200 years after his death would have little point if he were not the prototype of the ideological frame of mind that is very much with us today. If we understand him, we understand that it is utterly useless to appeal to reason and morality in dealing with ideologues. For they are convinced that reason and morality are on their side and that their enemies are irrational and immoral simply because they are enemies. Negotiation with such people can succeed only if we have overwhelming force on our side and have shown ourselves unsqueamish about using it. Justifying its use to the electorate of a democratic country—used to thinking of politics as a process of reasonable negotiation and compromise—must involve showing in sickening detail the monstrosities committed in the name of the ideology. And that is the point of reminding ourselves of the crimes of the long-dead Robespierre.

Our mayor took a knee with Robespirreish people. He fed the mob......

Anonymous said...

The Libs have gone so far left, they’re deflecting people away. They continue to scare their own moderate base with the likes of AOC, Omar, and Talib. These people are phoneys and hate the US. The Dems are the party of mis-fits and most are
only voting Democratic because they don’t
like President Trump’s personality. Can you imagine Joe Biden, who is in early stages of Dementia, negotiating with the Chinese, EU, Russia....the guy is a life long politician and he’s mentally done. On top of it, the Dems are all about identity politics. For them, it’s about your skin color or sex. Shallow bunch whose basic premise is people are stupid and can’t think for themselves. They want illegals to have the rights we all enjoy as well as taking jobs that US folks would take in a minute, if paid decently......and the only thing that will change that is a labor shortage that forces employers to hire, train, and pay to attract and keep employees. I’m not sure what the Democratic Party stands for any longer.......Socialism and destruction for no good reason come to mind. As a long-time Republican, we’d love to have any minority join us. Disgruntled Dems, vote your feelings. Don’t be put in a box, we’re the party of jobs and US first. We’d love to have you!

Anonymous said...

Never read the book but Taibbi has been great in writing about the jounalistic malpractice and deceit. Democrats ignored us Kansans as they did all heartland salt of the earth people. BTW, so did many GOP elites. It's why we have President Trump. I'm voting for him again and with much more enthusiasm this time.