Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Kansas City Volunteers Forced To Glean Fields To Sustain More People In Need

Sure, the grocery stores are mostly full again . . . But the pandemic and class divisions have worsened as we get a first look the return of widespread American food scarcity for the working poor.


How Kansas City Food Banks Are Feeding Hungry People With Rescued Vegetables

The pandemic is making it harder for families to put food on the table. In the Kansas City area, pre-pandemic, 300 thousand people were at risk for hunger. But that number is now up by 100 thousand people. That includes 1 and 4 children.


Anonymous said...

No food for the democrats. Let them go to Valenzuela for their food.

Anonymous said...

Rescued vegetables... who thinks this shit up?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not buying KCUR's Marxist tripe.

I don't see any starving children on the street corners asking for a piece of bread. Rather, everyone appears overweight.

Look at Americans 50 years ago. They were on average 50 pounds lighter than Americans today.

Bandit said...

This shit comes from the same idiots that decided to rename ghettos and slumes "food desserts." Drawing a happy face on turds is their only talent.

Anonymous said...

"Let them go to Valenzuela for their food."

Fernando? What a pitcher he was.

Anonymous said...

Properly spelled slums. Deserts.

Anonymous said...

Properly spelled: Venezuela.