Sunday, August 30, 2020

Kansas City Volunteering Life Lessons

Really thoughtful first person story about local need and the inherent benefit in helping others.

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An internship teaches the meaning of 'Anything helps'

There is a traffic light that I get stuck at every morning on my way to work, and at that corner there is usually someone holding a sign, always in different words but saying the same simple message: ...


Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah, that was a very nice article that you penned.

Good luck with your senior year at Rockhurst, and your plans to pursue an advanced degree. The world needs more people with a heart and mind like yours. Peace.

Anonymous said...

We have an adult relative who has been in and out of the shelter system since his teens, he tells us why most people prefer the streets. Fear of assault, mental issues that prevent them from using the resources of a particular program, and most important, the refusal to follow rules set up by the different agencies. He said he didn't want to give up smoking and drug use in order to have a place to stay. Live free or die, brother.