Saturday, August 08, 2020

Kansas City Tourist Attractions Fight Extinction Amid Pandemic

Hopeful travel guide highlights a few places that are still open whilst the city is now forced to contemplate the wisdom of civic strategy that ignored neighborhoods over visitor dollars that have all but disappeared.

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Two sides of Kansas City: A lot to explore even with pandemic restrictions

Some day, if the proposed science-fictiony Hyperloop gets built in Missouri, linking St. Louis and Kansas City, we'll be able to hop into a pneumatic tube and vault across the state at 600 mph. The whole trip will take less than 30 minutes, so the promoters say.


Anonymous said...

I thought 25000000 tourists came here anally

The Ayatollah said...

Right across from that Dino is a patch of grass.. on that patch of grass are a bunch of fucking hobos with sleeping bags, and little plastic igloos.. they are drugged up and taking nasty shits.... Gross

Reality Speaker said...

Why in hell's name would we want a fast link to St. Louis. They're even more fucked up than KC (if that's possible)?

Some of their Ferguson rats would come our way. We have our own. No help needed.

Anonymous said...

So why don't you just stay in your yard and wave your guns around?

Anonymous said...

^^ I don't wave my guns around, they only come out for practice, cleaning and USE! Just saying.