Friday, August 14, 2020

Kansas City Tech Scene Cancels 2020

The so-called "Silicon Prairie" is shut down for the remainder of the year as politics and the pandemic put a pause on all of those fun parties that enjoyed taxpayer funding a big talk about locals taking over the tech world by way of infrastructure mostly build by overseas outsourcing.

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KC tech community likely staying home, skipping events and travel until 2021, report says

Tech leaders are now accepting that a return to work and live events will take longer - perhaps much longer - than initially expected at the outset of the Coronavirus pandemic, said Ryan Weber.


Bandit said...

OOPS! The new KCI was as fuckup huh?

Anonymous said...

^^No, but you are. You post way too much!!!!!!

Bandit said...

Oh wow! The stalker is following me again. I'm, shocked and mortally wounded with his jabs.

Anonymous said...

Baby Burt is right to an extent, about the "new KCI" being a fuckup, but he mistakenly used the past tense, when the "new KCI" is a gefuck9it Albatross that is going to be hanging from the necks of all KCMO Taxpayers for decades!

The extent of that disaster and the level of failure it embodies are just now surfacing, and construction is barely underway! Wait till you see the "finished product", with its fifty-years-out-of-date inconveniences and the necessary decade of repairs and rebuilding caused by the General Contractor's incompetence.

But, Baby Burt, I don't think "stalker" is the right term for anyone who has the audacity to comment on the frequency of your posts - in the immortal words of Inigo Montoya, "I don't think that word means what you think it means".