Monday, August 17, 2020

Kansas City Summer Night News Links


After a day of diligently working behind the scenes playing video games and gathering the most important tidbits and scoop for our blog community, we share some important insights in a tight and newsworthy package . . .

To wit, now hottie Sommer inspires this round-up of pop culture, community news and trending headlines.

Local Snail Mail Delivers Help

Postal worker helps woman struggling with home

A postal worker is helping a woman who's living out of her truck get her home fixed up.Nicole King is also volunteer for Pet Resource Center of Kansas City. While delivering food to pets in need, King said she realized a homeowner needed help, too.With no electricity or running water, Tina Farber was living out of her truck.

KC Rent Help Trending

Metro group comes to former tenant's aid when apartment owner fails to return deposit

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The drama continues at a Kansas City apartment complex that's so bad that renters once complained of worms in their carpet, no heat and collapsing ceilings. The complex claims to be under new ownership but won't reveal any names. That's left a former tenant,who is owed hundreds of dollars, nowhere to [...]

Student Football Scare

BV North football player tests positive for COVID-19

Blue Valley North confirmed at least one COVID-19 infection among student-athletes on the football team Monday, which also marked the start of high school practice across Kansas. The revelation also comes one day before Johnson County school leaders are set to meet with health officials.

Kangaroos Clean Up And Hop Back To City College

Students returning to campus at UMKC

KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) - Move-in day has been stretched out to move in week at UMKC to allow for more distance between people, and that is not the only change returning students will see on campus. Each student will only be allowed two helpers when moving in.

Peek Behind The Scenes

Sommer Ray Admits Workouts Are Slacking, Shows Crazy Booty Shots

Although Sommer is claiming to be slacking on her gainz, she showed off some amazing shots that told quite a different story. While posing in a barely-there floral set of undies from her Sommer Ray Collection, the young star revealed some impressive booty shots for fans. "She was slacking?

Prez Trump Pushes Back Against Post Office Criticism

EXCLUSIVE: White House Claims New York Lawsuit Against Trump, Postmaster General Is 'Politically Motivated'

The White House is firing back at a lawsuit filed against President Donald Trump, the United States Postal Service, and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

BLM Takes Centerstage

Black Lives Matter movement to play elevated role at convention

The message of Black Lives Matter will be woven throughout the 2020 Democratic National Convention, starting with a focus on racial injustice during the first night of programming. The plan by convention organizers to elevate the Black Lives Matter movement reflects the party's growing embrace of its calls for action on racial inequality and police brutality over the past four years, particularly since the May 25 police killing of George Floyd.

Tense Alliance Revealed

Kasich, AOC spar ahead of ex-GOP governor's DNC speech

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and 2016 GOP presidential candidate John Kasich traded barbs ahead of the former Ohio governor's Monday night speech at the Democratic National Convention. Kasich, who will be speaking out against President Trump, his one-time rival during the 2016 primary, said during an interview with Buzzfeed News that he thinks the U.S.

Off Record Campaign Quote

'Anonymous' Trump official calls for voting him out of office

The anonymous Trump administration official who wrote a bombshell New York Times op-ed about resistance efforts within the White House is urging voters to make President Trump Donald John Trump Biden's lead over Trump narrows in new national poll Biden faces hurdles in bid to mend ties with US allies Cheney calls pardoning Snowden 'unconscionable' after Trump says he's considering it MORE a one-term president in a new update to their tell-all book.

Pandemic Sparks Pizza Probs

Please, Not My Pepperoni

This has been a tough year for big-picture thinking, so sometimes I like to focus on the little things. But the week of August 10, 2020, is taking those things away too: First there were the salmonella-tainted onions, then the listeria-threatened potatoes, limes, and oranges.

Gaming Stays Winning

Esports team KC Pioneers are looking to add a fourth league to Kansas City's crown of victories

KC Pioneers players pictured in front of downtown Kansas City. // Photo by Evan Coker Ever since their introduction to the world, video games have had a pretty bad rap. For me, my parents always told me that I was melting my brain and being counterproductive.

Weather Right Now

Tuesday will be warm, but comfortable


And this is the OPEN THREAD for right now . . .


Bandit said...

blm to play elevated role at convention. That should be fun to watch. I wonder if they know Kamala Ferraro's family owned slaves?

Anonymous said...

And of course NOTHING Trump ever does is politically motivated. And all his frantic attempts to disenfranchise voters have absolutely no connection to his evaporating re-election chances.

Anonymous said...

BLM has NOTHING to do with racial injustice and the fist they make is the communist black panther fist. Black people have have way more opportunity in this country then whites. I can't believe how stupid liberals are to fall for their BS how many little kids and people have they killed since their riots not to mention spreading the virus. Black Lives are BULL CRAP and I'm sick of you weak ass people whining all of the time. Effing leave if you don't like it here, you are no good and never will be. You have destroyed our country. I'm ready to fight you cock roaches. Look at me wrong and I will **** ***.

Bandit said...

EVERYTHING the left does is politically motivated. Stop feigning innocence! You guy are just pissed that he beats you at your own stupid little games. Well, that and that Hitlery got her ass handed to her.

Anonymous said...

^^More Russian propaganda from the spam bot. You posted this exact thing five times already.

Anonymous said...

The Dems putting BLM in the limelight at their "convention" is a big big mistake.
Now all the riots, looting, arson, and other destructive nonsense that BLM will be identified with between now and the election in November will reflect on Biden.
They'll be known for the company they keep.
You have to hope that the Dems aren't so naive that they actually think BLM cares who wins in November.
Their shakedown will continue either way.

Bandit said...

They were already known for it 8:27. It just hasn't penetrated their thick skulls yet. The bulk of the party in office are decrepit geezers like Nancy Pelousy who is drunk 90% of the time and Biden who acts like he's drunk 90% of the time. Great way to bring in the youth vote they claim that they own. Here's a guy with one foot in the grave and they other on a banana peel! Vote for him! He think's he's water skiing!

Anonymous said...

Quit hijacking the thread.

Anonymous said...


At 8:12 You are so uninformed it's sickening. Disenfranchise voters HOW? You communists have tried to stop him by fake rape claims on him and his SCJ fake Russia hoax, accusations of him killing people when we all know it was you people working with the CCP that unleashed this virus.
Your post makes no sense and you are blind not to see what this president has done around this country and the world. He's working for free which no other president has done and you say he's not politically motivated.
Evaporating re-election you're way behind idiot. Just like Hillary right?
Oh and can you tell me how Biden and Kamala are politically motivated? You mean by selling us out to China and the globalists? Learn what's going on before you make such a ignorant comment. Evaporating re-election chances now that's funny. I wonder why you people are so scared of him, do you even know.

Bandit said...

Bury Chimpy up to his ankles. Start head first.

Bandit Darville said...

that black weatherman's cum was really tasty in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

I heard AOC is getting 60 seconds of time on stage. Kasick is getting much more, so she's being a little baby. Whaaaaaaa!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^Good for you! No back to sleep Boomer.

Bandit said...

AOC has also single-handedly saved the post office! Yay for her! Gold star! A “national progressive pen pal program” to boost stamp sales."

If it moves tax it. If it keeps moving tax it more. When it stops moving subsidize it. Typical libtard thinking. Guess she didn't get the message that most people use the thingy in her hand that she uses to make her videos sharing her genius with the rest of America instead of writing anymore. Moron!

Anonymous said...

^^ Continuous Russian propaganda from a spam troll.

Bandit said...

RAWK! RAWK! RAWK! Russian spam bot! Chimpy the JAINAbot wants a cracker! RAWK!!!

Anonymous said...

Why did Trump let himself get bitch-slapped by AOC the other day? He called her dumb so she challenged him to compare transcripts publicly to hers. Not a word from Trump. I thought he was a tough guy? He's scared of AOC. She called him out publicly and he did nothing. Talk about a total pussy. Scared of a 115 lb nasty brown woman?

President Kamala said...

Unemployed weird/chimpy, boomer hater, it's late and time for you to get back in the Bonobo family tree.

You've been working hard posting stupid ad hominem TKC stuff and painting BLM potholes (for free) instead of a real job.

Please learn how to walk upright and quit dragging your knuckles through the "mural" paint while it's still wet.

Take a nap, then groom your family members, picking some nice fat fleas for a snack.

Rested and fed, you should be ready to resume stupid TDS Trump posting.