Kansas City Stays Trashy Amid Broken Budget

We talked about this earlier in the month and now cut back local services thanks to a broken budget have put more trash on local streets.

Here's a look:

Trash Is Piling Up In Kansas City. Are We Ready To Start Thinking About The Environment Again?

Remember March? The start of the pandemic, and we didn't know a lot about the spread of what we still called "the novel coronavirus." So we played it safe. Grocery stores stopped putting items in reusable bags from home. Coffee shops went disposable-only, no longer filling favorite mugs.


  1. Trash piling up.

    Great way for rats to populate and transfer disease.

    Thanks Dr. Rex Archer; another Health Department fiasco.

  2. Disgusting. Of course the Council defunds the trash and litter collectors. Stick this in the face of KC so ''everyone'' can see the need for the City to increase taxes. A smarter bunch would stop funding such pet projects as the Linwood Grocery, Jazz Museum, 18th and Vine where less than 10% of the City go to.
    The City is basically providing people many reasons to get the hell out of here. I see a major exodus to the suburbs for many reasons.

  3. KC was trash before the budget was broken.

  4. Hey now, antifa, blm lover multiple personality Marxist Lucas only laid off white people remember, there’s no reason for the trash not to be picked up because he said lying off white people would solve the budget crisis. This is just one more failure of the boy blunder in an extremely long list of things he’s destroyed while on his selfie tour.

  5. Is that a photo the cities tax base after BLT ?


  6. Quinton Lucas isn't enforcing anything in the city. There are people in violation of trash and signage in their yards in Brookside that have called 311 over five times and they still won't force the people to take the signs and hate speech down. I hope Clay uses this in his law suit. Maybe we will get lucky and Lucas won't have bushes to hide behind some night.

    1. 4:59 seeing the depressed leftists and their 350k+ homes running into tear-down quality with 2016 Bernie signs out front is hilarious.

  7. Keep Kansas clean. Dump in Missouri. Hahahahahahaha!

  8. Mayor Quinton Lucas8/30/20, 8:34 PM

    Don't worry about the trash, folks. Let's paint the streets with Black Lives Matter!


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