Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Kansas City Star Reports On Junk Mail

Feature reporting on garbage that most people just trash . . . Take a glimpse at the future of the written word:

Racist, hate-filled letters delivered to homes south of The Plaza in Kansas City

Patrick Riha initially didn't give much thought to the pieces of paper that were shoved in his mailbox last week at his home south of Kansas City's Country Club Plaza. He assumed it was drawings that neighborhood kids sometimes leave or a political advertisement left over from the recent election.


Anonymous said...

Probably from your commenters

Anonymous said...

^^^ False flag. Probably from @7:12.

Anonymous said...

Fake news to keep the fake race baiting dimwits narrative going.

Anonymous said...

Why is the Kansas City Star delivering racist hate-filled junk mail with their paper deliveries?

When you think the Red Star cannot get any lower you find out they are a bunch of racists.